I've Got You Under My Skin

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I've Got You Under My Skin

At "Rick's Majick 'n' Stuff," Cordy asks for an Ethros box. Rick admits, "I don't have one." Cordy looks around at the many boxes and bottles lining the shelves, and points to one, asking what it is. "That's a Shorshack box," Rick explains. Cordy asks what the difference between it and an Ethros box is. "About twenty dollars, and it's not available in the mahogany finish." Cordy asks, "Handcrafted by blind Tibetan monks?" Rick says, "Pieced together by mute Chinese nuns. That's craftsmanship." Cordy asks if the Shorshack box can hold an Ethros demon. Rick says it should, although "It might be a little tight across the shoulders."

Paige bandages Wesley's neck while he and Angel argue. Wesley says he won't slip up again, Angel says it's too dangerous for Wesley to go back. Seth asks, "My son. What about him?" The kitchen table begins shaking and everyone watches as marbles spill out from a bag and arrange themselves to form the words, "Save me." Great, like they don't have enough problems on their hands; now the kitchen table is possessed, too! Wesley says, "Angel, we don't have a choice." Then we hear Doyle's voice, in a little sound bite from "Hero," saying, "The good fight, yeah?" Angel and Wesley look up as the bedroom doors swing open, revealing Ryan sitting up on the bed. Ryan chuckles, "Guess who's here, Angel? He's talking to me, right now. Doyle wants to ask why you couldn't protect him." Oh c'mon, all Doyle wants is for Angel to buy him a pitcher of draft. Angel grabs a dishrag, wraps it around his hand, and picks up the cross. Cordy walks in with the box, and gets as far as saying, "All they had was--" before Angel snaps, "Get it ready!" Angel and Seth walk into the bedroom while Ryan says, "You let him die. Just like he's going to let me die. Aren't you, Daddy?" The cross sizzles in Angel's hand. He presses it against Ryan's chest and speaks Latin, which Wesley helpfully translates: "Do you renounce Satan, and all his works, and all his pomps?" Ryan growls while Angel gets his obligatory vamp-face on. Angel finally shouts, "Now get the hell out!" I think Max von Sydow was able to handle this problem with a bit more restraint, but whatever. Ryan writhes and begins to glow. A light blazes across the room and into the box that Wesley and Cordy are holding open. The box disintegrates. Paige runs over to Ryan, who has finally been freed of all the demon makeup. While Seth, Paige, and Ryan hug, Cordy looks up from the bits of Shorshack box and says, "Uh oh." After all the build-up about how hard this was going to be, it seemed to go pretty smoothly.

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