I've Got You Under My Skin

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I've Got You Under My Skin

Upon hearing Paige's screams from downstairs, they rush... into the elevator. Has someone broken the stairs? Upon hearing the elevator approach, everyone downstairs stops struggling to watch the fascinating process of a metal box descending. Paige takes this opportunity to break free and run into the bedroom, breaking the circle of baking soda. The bedroom doors slam shut, and the elevator begins going back up without giving Angel and Wesley a chance to get out. Lame-eys in a cage. Ryan pets Paige's cheek and says, "Mommy, I'm so glad you're here." Then he proceeds to strangle her. Cordy and Seth finally manage to open the doors and begin trying to pull Paige out of Ryan's grasp. Cordy runs back toward the elevator just as Wesley and Angel hurry down the stairs. If these idiots were the only thing standing between me and the forces of darkness, I'd look for a Satanic cabal to join. Wesley holds a cross up in front of Ryan and declares, "Omnis spiritus immundi!" Is this any time to quote Police lyrics? Ryan roars and they finally manage to drag Paige away from him. Wesley says, "It's retreated back into the boy." Angel lectures Paige, "From now on you do exactly what I'm telling you, understood?" Paige and Seth nod.

Ryan is quiet again as Wesley redraws the circle around the bed. Angel hands Wesley a Bible and closes the bedroom doors. What happened to that "I'll be right with you for the exorcism" thing? Cordy hands Angel an ancient tome and tells him that they need an Ethros box, explaining "[It] says right here the demon goes all dingy when it's forced out -- bad sense of direction or something. If you have one of these boxes, it'll go right into it." Angel reads, "An authentic Ethros box is made of six hundred species of virgin wood and handcrafted by blind Tibetan monks." Cordy ponders that for a second and is forced to admit, "Nope, don't know any." Angel tells her to go to "Rick's Majick 'n' Stuff" (great name), explaining, "If anyone in LA will have an Ethros box, it'll be Rick." The lights begin flickering as Cordy goes to do some shopping. Wesley is repeating his chant and tossing holy water around as Ryan sits up to look at him. Again I must ask, where's Angel, who wanted so much to support Wesley during this? "Your Latin sucks," Ryan says, in a highly distorted voice that's really hard to understand. Wesley tells Ryan that he will not be deterred from doing his job, and starts in with the Latin again. Ryan starts on the psychological warfare: "Everybody knows you got fired 'cause you couldn't do anything right. Nothing is going to make him proud of you." Wesley is unperturbed, and says that reading his surface thoughts is just a parlor trick. "Here's one for you," Wesley says, rummaging in his bag, "How many crosses am I holding up?" Ryan recoils, and then speaks with Wesley's voice: "All those hours locked up under the stairs and you still weren't good enough. Not good enough for Daddy. Not good enough for the Council." Wesley shakily starts to repeat his omnis spiritus line, but then fumbles. Ryan, back in his demon voice, asks, "Lose your place? What makes you think that these people want you around any more than the others did?" Angel, having brushed his teeth, combed his hair, and had a little nap, finally enters the room in time to say, "Because I invited him here." That's true, if by "invite" you mean, "reluctantly hired and agreed to put up with." "Then you're stupider than he is," Ryan observes, "Go ahead, Wesley, tell him why he's a fool to trust you." In Angel's voice, he adds, "Tell him how you plan to kill him." Wesley denies this to Angel. Ryan tells Angel, "He's more afraid of you than he is of me." "I'll show you fear!" Wesley wails, and as he raises the cross over the boy, his feet cross the circle. Ryan puts up one hand, causing Wesley to neatly stab himself in the neck with the cross. Angel helps Wesley pull the cross out as Ryan chuckles.

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