I've Got You Under My Skin

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I've Got You Under My Skin

Back at Angel's, Ryan calls to his mom, claiming that he's scared. Paige begs to be allowed to go to her son, but Seth remains firm. Paige claims, "Things were going really well this time, weren't they? Couldn't we just keep on like it was?" Seth says, "No, not after Ohio." Cordelia asks what happened in Ohio, and Seth tells her that a family friend was killed in a fire. Paige insists that it had nothing to do with Ryan. Ryan starts calling for his mommy again, and Paige, crying, says, "I'm not going to him, okay? I'm playing by the stupid rules!" Cordy chirps, "Good! We can watch TV or play cards! You'll get caught up, [and] won't even hear your son's pain!" But alas, she's wrong, because we immediately hear Ryan saying that he's scared and needs his mom. Cordy assures them that Wesley and Angel will be back soon with a priest.

Wesley is filling a bottle with holy water while he tells Angel, "I know the ritual, we have the supplies." Angel is skeptical, and says, "You've never done this before. Look, it takes tremendous strength. Mental strength." Like, the kind of discipline it takes to decide that you're just friends with Buffy, and then you're dating her, and then you're just friends, and then you're dating, and then you can't be in the same town she is? That kind? Angel adds, "Wesley, you don't even have sales resistance. How many thighmasters do you own?" Wesley, annoyed, points out that, "The second one was a free gift with my "Buns of Steel." Angel argues that Father Fredericks, an expert, was killed fighting a demon like this one. Wesley finally seems to give in and says, "So our only option is [that] you do it," as he tosses a cross to Angel. Angel clumsily tries to catch it, we hear sizzling, and he drops it to the floor. The captioning indicates that Angel "Sighs and exhales" -- I'm not sure what the distinction between the two is. Then he complains, "That was vulgar." "But I believe I made my point," Wesley responds. Angel agrees to let Wesley do the exorcism, "but I'm gonna be right there with you." They head home as the blipvert strikes.

Paige stands in the bedroom doorway, reassuring Ryan that she's not going anywhere. Seth and Cordy encourage Paige to go back to the kitchen. Ryan, whose face is kind of bumpy and scabby and demonic, begs his mom to come help him. Paige reassures him, "I'm right here, baby." Ryan begins growling and tossing about on the bed, doing his very best Linda Blair impression. Paige struggles to get to her son while Seth and Cordy hold her back. Upstairs, Angel and Wesley decide they can take the elevator, because it's not like there's any reason to hurry. Wesley suddenly looks up from the book he's perusing and says, "I believe I know how the priest was killed. When an Ethros is cast out, it immediately seeks another body to inhabit, but the demon is expelled with such force that the newly inhabited rarely survives." Dramatic zoom in on Angel, who summarizes, "That's a problem."

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