I've Got You Under My Skin

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I've Got You Under My Skin

Ryan's face goes through some more distortions before he finally falls face down on his brownie. Paige rushes to her son as Angel explains, "Your son's possessed by a demon." Seth, finally allowed to express an emotion beyond vague menace, looks bewildered. Stephanie moans, "Ryan's bad. Ryan's always been bad." Seth sends Stephanie out of the room for being a big tattle-tale. Angel explains that he had to get the demon to show itself, so he put a secret ingredient in the brownies. Paige is not amused, and says, "I thought you were here to help us. You are not an angel!" Seth finally speaks up to defend Angel, saying "What was wrong with Ryan has been wrong for a long time. Now, you say you know how to help my son?" Actually, Angel never said that. Seth asks what Angel needs, and Angel asks for a phone. He telephones Wesley, who says, "I found the name of a priest, but we're having a spot of trouble running him to ground." Angel tells Wesley, "I need you to put together a binding powder. Everything you need is in the pantry. It'll contain him until we get the priest. We're coming to you." That is some well-stocked larder Angel has. After Angel hangs up the phone, Seth approaches. He says, "For the last three years, it has been all I can do to hold this family together. Now you come here and tell me there may be a reason for all the terror and confusion, and a way to end it. Maybe you are an angel." Angel ignores this bit of hero worship and tells Seth to find someone who can baby-sit Stephanie while the rest of the family goes to visit Angel's house o' blipverts.

Wesley lays Ryan down on Angel's bed while Cordy introduces herself to the parents. "Hi, I'm Cordelia. Sorry about the possession and everything!" she chuckles. She starts pouring a circle of powder out around the bed, and then stops to wonder if she should put plastic over the furniture. She asks Angel, "Are you expecting any big vomiting here, because I saw the movie?" Angel glares at her till she resumes her powder duties. Angel tells Paige that he and Wesley are going to find a priest, and in the meantime, "Do not break the circle. It's important. He'll try to get you to come to him. Don't do it. Don't touch him. He's been exposed, and he's angry. He'll kill you if he gets a chance. You got that?" Cordy says, "Jeez, we got it, circle, angry, kill-kill-kill! Go to church, already."

Angel and Wesley venture into one of Los Angeles' gothic cathedrals and interrupt a nun who's in the middle of a Hail Mary. She starts to ask Wesley how she can help him, and then sees Angel. "You would come into a place of worship?" she asks. Angel says, "I'm not what you think." The nun moves her hand so that the cross on her rosary swings toward Angel's hand. He quickly moves his hand out of the way and corrects himself, "Okay, yeah, I am. But I'm trying to help someone. A child who's possessed by an Ethros demon." Wesley explains that they're looking for Father Fredericks. The nun says that Fredericks is out behind the church, and then clarifies, "The last grave on the left." Angel pieces together the clues and asks, "The father's dead?" I can see why he went into the detective business. The nun tells them, "Six months ago a family came to Father Fredericks. Their daughter was possessed with a demon. A very powerful demon. Father Fredericks saved the young woman, but he couldn't save himself." She tells them that her prayers are with them, "Because what you're dealing with is very, very smart, and very dangerous." She looks at Angel and says "Even more dangerous than you," and then she turns to go. More dangerous than the great poof?

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