I've Got You Under My Skin

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I've Got You Under My Skin

Battling to stay on topic, Wesley explains that Lizzie Borden was possessed by an Ethros demon when she allegedly, um, severed her relations. Angel adds that Lizzie was possessed by an adolescent demon, but the amount of glow-juice indicates that the one they've encountered is full-grown. Cordy asks, "So someone in the family's got a squatter in their head. What do we do about it?" "Evict him," says Angel. Hey buddy, haven't you ever heard that possession is nine-tenths of the law? Wesley says he'll start scouting around for an exorcist. Cordy asks how they can find out who the demon is inhabiting. Angel notes that everyone in the house seemed scared of Dad. Wesley says, "A father doesn't have to be possessed to terrorize his children, he just has to..." Wow, that came out of nowhere. The oboe of childhood trauma toots as Angel stares at Wesley, who quickly gets back on track. Wesley says, "A little psylis eucalipsis powder ingested by the host --" Cordy asks, "Then what? Dad goes, "Grrr?" Head spins around?" For some reason Wesley does not say, "Well, if you could have waited for me to finish my sentence, instead of interrupting, I would have already told you." Instead, he just nods and says, "Essentially." Angel wonders, "How do I get someone to eat eucalipsis powder?"

Paige opens to door to find Angel holding a platter. "I made brownies," he says. At dinner, Angel rejects an additional helping of brussel sprouts and claims that the roast was full of "roasty goodness." Oh dear, he's learning communication skills from Cordelia, isn't he? Paige goes to bring own the brownies while Seth goes to fetch coffee. Ryan tells Angel that he didn't like the brussel sprouts. Angel says to Stephanie, "You seemed to like yours." She grins and reveals that she hid her portion under her napkin. Angel whispers, "I buried one in my mashed potatoes too." The children giggle as Seth returns. Stephanie tells her dad, "Angel's funny." Seth says, "Yeah? He hides it well." Seth hasn't seen Angel dance. Paige comes back with the brownies, and everyone helps themselves. After a bite, Stephanie adds hers to the pile of food accumulating under her napkin. While Angel waits for Seth to eat one, Paige makes "yum" noises and asks Angel what his secret is. Angel stammers, "I use chocolate. That's why they're brown. Which gives them their name. Brownies!" After further delays, Seth finally takes a big bite of eucalypsis. And starts choking. Then Stephanie screams, and we see that someone has superimposed a bad makeup job on little Ryan. My goodness, it wasn't Seth who was possessed at all! Which could have been a cool twist, except that Seth's done everything but twirl a black moustache at this point and we all know it's never the most obvious suspect.

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