I've Got You Under My Skin

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I've Got You Under My Skin

Paige is startled to see that Angel's wounds have already healed. Angel tries to distract her by asking where the family used to live. Paige says, "Akron. One winter there was enough." Not because the winters are especially bad there, but because it's in Ohio. Seth interrupts suspiciously to ask Angel what his name is. Thinking quickly, Angel says, "Angel. Jones. Angel Jones." A delighted, and perhaps demented, Paige immediately pulls out several ceramic angel figures and says, "I collect them! I think the angels are around us all the time, don't you?" Angel offers, "I think there are... beings." Paige says, "It's a nice thought, like someone's looking out for us, keeping us out of danger. Tonight you really were our angel, weren't you?" Seth looks on with a disgusted expression. Seth and I are bonding a lot during this scene. He says, "It's getting late," and Angel gets up to leave. Paige invites Angel to come to dinner the next night. Seth says, "We've taken up too much of Angel's time already." Angel pauses to consider this, and then asks if he can bring something for dinner. Paige grins. Angel rejoins Wesley in the car. The convertible's top is up now; for the record, it was down when they pulled up to the house. Angel tells Wesley, "There's something wrong in that house. Wife wants to talk, but the husband keeps getting in the way. I'm coming back tomorrow night." Wesley tells Angel to be careful, and holds up a bottle full of glow-stick juice, which he says he found all around the house. "Someone in that house is possessed by a demon," Wesley says. Stephanie watches them drive away.

The next day, Cordy is wearing a pink long-sleeved shirt. It's kinda weird, and not that flattering, but stunningly conservative. Of course, I can't see what kind of skirt she's wearing, so there's still an opportunity for her to look freakish. Oh yeah, and she's saying something too. She hangs up the phone and tells Angel and Wesley, "Mom was telling the truth about Akron, and before than, Miami and Baton Rouge, all within the last three years." Angel shakes the glow-stick juice and theorizes that the family "couldn't lose the black cloud." Cordelia confirms this, saying, "Everywhere they go, there's been reports of disturbances and -- yuck -- animal deaths. In Akron, a friend of the family went missing. He's still missing." Cordelia picks up the bottle of still-glowing juice, and asks what it is. Wesley says, "It's the bodily excretion of an Ethros demon." Cordy makes a face and replaces the bottle, saying, "No one could have said 'demon-poo' before I touched it?" Wesley, missing the point, says that the juice is harmless but that the Ethros demon is not. "It tends to go in for mass murder," he explains. Wesley asks if Cordy has heard of Lizzie Borden. Cordy says, "I remember the children's rhyme. And how come they're all full of death, and cradles falling, and mice getting tails cut off? Anyway, the whole thing needs a rating system, don't you think?"

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