I've Got You Under My Skin

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I've Got You Under My Skin

Moments? Hours? Days? later, Angel & Wesley pull up in front of the house in the Angelmobile. They immediately spot young Ryan, out for a walk in his pajamas. Ryan begins to cross the street as squealing tires indicate an approaching car. Angel runs out, grabs Ryan, and dives to safety on the grassy curb. Angel asks if the kid is okay. Ryan says that he is, and then tells Angel, "You're bleeding. Are you gonna cry?" Angel examines the scrape on his arm. I'm not sure how he managed to tear his jacket and scrape up his shoulder by rolling on the grass. It must be that special jagged kind of grass they have in California. Anyway, Angel ponders this question and says, "I don't think so. I don't know. Let me think. Uh, no... Yeah... No... No, not gonna cry!" Ryan chuckles. Okay, that was reasonably cute. Angel asks why Ryan was taking a moonlight stroll, but just then Dad starts shouting. He runs out and grabs Ryan, telling him, "You know better than this! Say thank you to the nice man." Shrill music alerts us that Evil Is Afoot. Then Mom join the crowd, and tearfully thanks Angel. Dad offers a less enthusiastic thank you. Angel calls Ryan a "scamp," immediately alerting the family that he's two hundred years old. Mom notices the horrific wound Angel received from their suburban lawn, and insists that Angel comes inside to be patched up. Dad appears to be displeased. No one comments on the British twerp who is presumably watching this whole scene from a parked car across the street, perhaps because they're distracted by the blipvert.

Mom worries that Angel may need stitches, and provides some exposition indicating that the family has moved around a lot. Dad announces that Ryan has gone to sleep. Mom, whose name is Paige, keeps thanking Angel, and suggests that they can repay him by having her husband, Seth, give him some advice about investments. Dad must be evil; he's named Seth. And he's an investment counselor. Angel asks how Ryan managed to wander out into the street. Seth says, "Climbed out the window," in matter-of-fact tones. Paige adds, "We have burglar bars, but he must be able to fit between. We didn't think of that; didn't even bother checking." Angel probes, asking if Ryan might have been trying to get away from something. "What would he have to get away from in his own house?" Seth asks in as menacing a way as possible. Outside, Wesley picks through the garbage, where he finds pizza boxes, a baby doll, and a memo to Warner Brothers describing something called "subtlety." Wesley pokes the doll, which squeaks, "Mama," causing him to drop his flashlight and recoil in another bit of physical non-comedy. Upon picking up his flashlight, he notices some green stains on the side of the house. The marks of the killer grass, trying to claw it's way inside! Seth lights a cigarette, as yet another indicator that he's evil. He asks Angel if the cigarette bothers him. When Angel says it doesn't, Seth says, "Lot of health nuts these days, you know? Like anyone needs to live forever." Angel says, "No one needs that." Memo to the writers: I know I said I liked Angel better when he made jokes, but that's only true if the jokes are actually funny.

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