I've Got You Under My Skin

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I've Got You Under My Skin

Ryan walks into the bedroom where his parents are sleeping, and picks up a matchbox from the nightstand. As Ryan closes the door, Seth wakes up. Ryan puts a block under the door so that it can't be opened, and then takes the phone off the hook. Seth and Paige begin rattling the door and calling to Ryan while he walks into his sister's room with a gas can. He pours gasoline across the carpet and then pulls out he matches. Stephanie wakes up as the flames spread throughout her bedroom, and screams for help while Ryan watches. I kind of expected Ryan to pull out a packet of marshmallows to roast at this point. Instead, Seth manages to get the door open. Flames blaze directly in front of the camera lens while the actors pretend that the room they're in is actually on fire. While Seth and Paige shout to Stephanie, Angel suddenly crashes in through the window. Didn't Paige say they had burglar bars? Or are they just on Ryan's window? Anyway, Angel grabs Stephanie and carries her back through the window while Wesley hurries the rest of the family out via the front door.

Firemen clean up the scene as Kate puts Ryan in the back of a squad car. She walks over to where Angel and Seth stand, and tells Seth, "Social services will take over from here. They'll want to speak to your son alone first." Seth asks what will happen to Ryan. "We won't know until after the evaluation," Kate says. Angel thanks Kate for coming. She stares at Angel for a moment, nods, and leaves. Presumably she still wants to yell at him for being an evil monster who took advantage of her and abused her trust. I know the feeling. As she and Ryan drive away, Seth says, "I won't be able to cover for him any more. They're gonna want to know about Ohio, and everything. I wanted to protect him." He shouldn't worry too much, given the priority Child Protective Services usually gives to "family reunification." "I was just trying to hold my family together," Seth adds. Angel looks over to where Paige and Stephanie stand, wrapped in blankets, and says, "I think you did." Seth goes over to his wife and daughter and gives them a hug, while Angel exits through the gate in the white picket fence, leaving viewers to rest easy in the knowledge that sometimes kids are just bad seeds. Which is just stupid and wrong, and while I liked the plot twist, I wish that hadn't been the message we were left with. But it looks like they're trying to counteract that idea to some extent, since next week we get to see Angel deal with the memory of his dad. That's right: more flashbacks, more bad hair, and more of Boreanaz's version of an Irish accent!

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