I've Got You Under My Skin

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I've Got You Under My Skin

Angel and Wesley are in Angel's kitchen, admiring a shiny new dagger. Wesley says that it can be used to kill a Kek demon. Angel points out that Kek demons are extinct, much to Wesley's chagrin. Suddenly there's a buzzing noise, and Cordelia calls, "They're done! Nobody touch!" Angel explains that Cordy is baking brownies. Wesley says, "Is that what I smell? I thought I'd tracked something in." Cordy struggles to cut the brownies, which she describes as being "full of nutty goodness." Cordy puts down the knife she was using and begins hacking away at the brownies with the Kek-slaying dagger. Wesley jumps out of his seat and complains, "That is not appropriate!" He whines, "Angel, make her stop," and suggests that Cordy's cooking may have a "corrosive effect" on the blade. Cordelia is not amused, and begins waving the knife in Wesley's direction. Wesley says that the brownies smell funny. Cordy says that maybe the yucky smell is Wesley's cologne. Why the hell is Wesley wearing cologne to hang out with Cordy and Angel? Angel, trying to calm things down, says, "Cordelia! Doyle! I mean, um, Wesley." Long, awkward pause. Angel finally asks them to stop fighting and mopes off to another room. If Cordy and Doyle had ever argued that way, Angel's faux pas might have seemed more plausible.

In a suburban house, complete with a white picket fence, a brother and sister are fighting. Just like Wesley and Cordelia. Only not quite as annoying. The boy, Ryan, claims that his sister, Stephanie, took one of his cards, and tries to grab her coloring book as retribution. Mom enters and tells them it's bedtime. The kids whine some more, and then Dad comes in as the synthesizer of foreboding warbles. "It's time for bed," Dad says with a complete lack of emotion. Mom tucks her son in and closes his bedroom door. She turns around to find Dad behind her, and asks, "Do we have to?" Dad padlocks Ryan's door without answering as the ominous warbling reaches ear-splitting volume. Credits.

Cordelia wanders into Angel's office and asks him, "Pretend to read any good books lately?" No, that didn't make sense to me, either. "You called him Doyle," Cordy says, in case Angel hadn't been paying attention to those noises that come out of his mouth from time to time. Angel says that he hopes Wesley's feelings weren't hurt. Cordy responds, "Oh, who cares about him? This is about Doyle. You never say his name." Please see previous recaps for evidence of exactly how untrue that is. It won't take long, since Angel mentioned Doyle by name in the very last episode. Cordy insists that Angel doesn't have to be "Joe Stoic" for her sake, and that it's okay to mention Doyle. Angel concedes that he misses Doyle. Whew, glad we resolved that. He goes on to say, "I've been around death before. A lot. I've lost people, I've killed people." "And you are dead," Cordy notes. Angel expresses guilt for Doyle's death, Cordy says that it wasn't Angel's fault. Cordy says that it hurts. Angel agrees. Cordy clarifies that what hurts is yet another vision, which I hope means that this bit of emotional delving is over with. Cordy sees little Ryan coloring, Dad looming, and their house number, 1256.

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