Inside Out

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This Ain't No Love Song

Skip insists that nothing he says will change what will happen. Angel asks what is controlling Cordy. Skip says, "To give it voice would rend your feeble brain into a quivering mass of --" Angel says that nobody will notice the difference. No, he just asks Fred to get the torture-sphere ready. Skip confesses that it doesn't have a name. Gunn asks what Skip calls it, and Skip says, "Y'know, 'Master' or 'Hey'..." Angel grumbles that Cordy's vision-girl stint proved to TPTB that she was worthy. Wesley suggests, "Unless it maneuvered her to inherit the visions in the first place." Skip says, "The rubes are catching up." Man, he cannot keep a secret for anything. Angel guesses that everything Cordy's been through in the past few years was part of the plan. Skip says it wasn't just Cordy: "Do you have any concept of how many lines have to intersect in order for a thing like this to play out?" He addresses the MoG in turn, and refers to Cary's arrival in this world, Gunn's sister, Fred's visit to Pylea, and Wesley's relationship with Lilah. He concludes, "I love a story with scope." It leaves your breath minty, too. Gunn asserts his free will, and Skip says, "Sure, a cheese sandwich here. When to floss. But the big stuff...Two vampires squeezing out a kid." Angel guesses that Connor was intended "to create a vessel" and guesses, "Being inside a human makes [the Forced Evil] vulnerable, doesn't it? That's why it had to stay hidden -- why it had to create something stronger to pour itself into." Gunn, understandably confused, asks if the Forced Evil took Cordy over so that it could "give itself?" Skip says that's the circle of life. Heh. Angel asks how they can stop it. Skip says that's a snap: "All you gotta do is find Cordelia, and chop her head off." Angel wants alternatives, so Skip admits that any fatal wound will do the trick. Angel grumps, "A way that won't kill Cordy in the process!" Skip explains, "It takes a whole lot of crammin' to get that much sweetness into a human." I bet it involves the same magic they use to pump extra calcium into plasticized pseudo-cheese food products. Skip says that every part of Cordy is suffused with cheese -- sorry, I mean "with the Forced Evil," "and it ain't letting go 'till it got [sic] a brand new bag." Fred asks what'll happen to Cordy after the birth. Skip says that the birth will drain her "life force." Angel asks if that will kill her, and I know he probably doesn't have much life force himself, but doesn't it sound like an important thing for living creatures to have? Skip answers, "Or she'll end up a head of cabbage."

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