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This Ain't No Love Song

Blipvert. Cordy and Connor enter yet another hideout. Or a different part of the old one. It's not important. Cordy reassures Connor that it'll all work out, but he's still shocked that Angel wanted to kill her. He gets an idea: "Maybe it wasn't really Angel! Angelus could have tricked us again, and --" Wow, everybody's practically thinking in this episode. It's freaky. Cordy tells Connor to let go of the straws, and Connor goes back to brooding over what a jerk his dad is. Cordy sadly explains, "Lies. Meant to keep you in your place, where he can watch you, control you." Connor can't believe that the rest of the MoG were in on it: "I thought they were..." Gardeners? "Good." Oh. Cordy goes all deconstructionist as she tells Connor that good and evil are just words the MoG used to order him around. Cordy reminds him, "You're with me now; you don't have to live by their rules. You remember why?" Connor rather bitterly says, "Because we're special." Cordy ignores his tone and simply adds that their baby will be the mostest specialest baby ever. I'm starting to wonder if they're satirizing Baby Boomers with these two.

Blipvert. Fred has gone through Cordy's room, looking for Evil Clues, but no luck. Angel, meanwhile, has pulled the old hockey puck out of a desk. Angel tells Fred and Gunn to keep looking while he's gone. He says, "If I'm not back in a couple of hours --" "You're dead, we're screwed, end of the world," Gunn says stoically. Fred adds that Angel could stay with them. Angel cheerfully says he's done this before, and that it's "a walk in the park."

A demon is knocked into a wall and collapses. Angel shakes off the punch and grumbles, "I really hate the park." He picks up the demon's sword and moves on.

Angel descends the stairs into Billy's former prison. Torches light a throne facing away from the stairs. Angel sneaks up next to the throne and prepares to attack, but Skip jumps up in surprise and reintroduces himself for the benefit of new viewers, like there are any. He also offers Angel some buffalo wings and says, "The game's on in five if you wanted to --" But Skip doesn't live here! He commutes, remember? I suppose the location of Skip's home isn't really the most pressing continuity issue. And he could have been lying about that, all things considered. Fine. Angel asks when Skip last saw Cordelia, explaining, "She told me that you were her guide when she decided to become half-demon." Skip tries to prepare Angel before he says, "This is gonna be really hard for you to accept, but Cordelia has ascended to a higher plane." Angel dryly explains that Cordy, or something that looks like her, is back. Skip insists, "Nobody comes back from paradise! Okay, a Slayer once, but that..." I had not thought death had been undone so many times. Skip claims that Cordy's ascension was beautiful, so I'm guessing that his hidden weakness is a vulnerability to clichés. Angel is surprised to hear that Skip saw the ascension, too, and wonders why Skip wouldn't have been there for Cordy's return. Skip puts it down to "mysterious ways," but Angel wonders if TPTB wanted to keep Skip from warning Angel about Cordy's return. Angel quickly notes that only the Forced Evil would have wanted it to be a surprise. Well, he's thinking, which is nice, but trying to follow his logic is giving me vertigo. For whatever reason, Angel figures that the Forced Evil needed Cordy to ascend in order to work its magic. He tells Skip, "Either you've been played for a dupe, like the rest of us, or you've been in on this from the start...Skippy." Skip and Angel chuckle, and Skip finally says, "Whatever's going on, I'm telling you true --" Skip extrudes a pointy thing from his arm and finishes, "Not a dupe!" Skip can't stand up very well under interrogation. Or possibly he's lost interest. I could see how that would happen.

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