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This Ain't No Love Song

Credits. I call Johanna, and she says that they used the joke I made about the 8-Ball saying "Ask again later." I point out that I didn't make any joke like that, although I probably would have if it had occurred to me. She wonders where she saw that joke. I think she's reading other Angel recaps behind my back. I feel betrayed. This week's Boreanaz quote is one that I was saving for the finale, because it's been providing me with hysterical giggles for a couple of years now. But it fits this episode so nicely that I have to use it now. Ready? "I bless my parents that I crawled out of my mommy. It's all my parents; they're the people that created me, so you take that for what it is." You can probably stop reading now, because I'm not going to be able to come up with anything funnier than that. Ever.

For the five remaining readers...Gunn enters the lobby with a phone in hand, explaining, "I just got your message -- being close to electric Gwen can really screw your equipment." Hee hee. I missed that the first time. Gunn noti-- hee! That's so dumb. Heh. Okay, I'm back. Gunn notices that Fred's holding a bag of ice on her chin, and asks what happened. Fred snits, "Cordy's evil. Nice suit." Angel grumps that Cordy isn't Cordy, but Wesley isn't sure. Gunn asks if Connor and Cordy attacked them. Cary says, "Kid Vicious did the heavy lifting; Cordy just mwah-ha-ha-ed at us." Angel explains that Cordy is the Forced Evil. Actually, he calls her "Beastmaster," but I'm not going to because I've heard that if you say that three times, Marc Singer appears. Gunn says, "Guy steps out for a few hours, half the place goes super-villain." Angel insists that Connor's "just...confused. Again."

Gunn, boggled, asks when this happened, and snags the drink Cary's holding. Fred wonders if Cordy's been evil ever since she mysteriously reappeared. Cary grabs his drink back from Gunn with a peeved look as Gunn asks if Cordy's amnesia was a trick. Angel speculates that something "crawled deep inside for the trip" back from glowland. He adds that the carnage began with Cary's memory spell. Flashback of Cary giving Cordelia the memory-restoring hummus. Cary realizes that the stuff he saw when he read Cordy wasn't her future, but "the smackerjack surprise." Angel takes a turn on the wheel of exposition, and describes how the Forced Evil spiked his blood at Gwen's and killed Manny. We see a pseudo-flashback of Manny sitting in Gwen's vault, and then Cordy swinging an axe. Gunn interrupts to ask how Cordy could have done that without getting blood on her clothes. Wesley says, "Lizzie Borden. It wasn't wearing any." That's not quite the non sequitur it seems, since apparently there was a theory that Borden killed her father and stepmother while naked. It's not a popular theory, perhaps because she was discovered burning a dress three days after the murders. There's your trivia for this recap. We repeat the pseudo-flashback, but this time Cordy's naked. Hee. Gunn says "Quick sponge-bath in the sink..." and Cary finishes, "Voilà. Shower-fresh murder." Angel moves on to the murder of the Svear family. Another maniacal Cordy shot, and cut to the bodies of the victims. Next, we see Cordy opening the safe as Angel describes how she stole his jar o' soul. Fred asks about the first re-souling spell they did. Angel says it was misdirection: Pseudo-flashback of Angelus being lifted by the magical clouds during the spell, and a new shot of Cary's eyes glowing red for a second. Cary figures that's why he misread Angelus. Angel winds up his story with Cordy letting him out of the cage, and some flashbacks of Cordy grabbing and stabbing Lilah, as he summarizes, "All designed to keep us off balance." I guess Wesley saw the flashbacks too, because he suddenly says, "It was Cordelia. She murdered Lilah." It's like they're thinking, but they're actually just jumping to random conclusions. Plus, nobody has wondered why Cordelia wanted Angelus around in the first place. If it was just to distract them, okay, although most of her actions to hide Angelus are what probably aroused their suspicions. Angel repeats, "We don't know if it's really Cordy." Fred adds, "Or what she's got baking in her oven." Gunn chirps, "Evil and pregnant? I'm guessing it ain't cookies."

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