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This Ain't No Love Song

Angel and Connor keep fighting. Okay, my other quibble is that because of the back-and-forth between battles, we don't have enough time to think about what's happening in this fight. I mean, Angel must have realized that he might have to kill his son in order to kill Cordelia, and that just makes everything suckier, but it's never mentioned, and we don't have time to do anything but think, "Hey, superheroes are fighting!" Angel quickly hurls Connor into a door as he says, "You think I want to do this? I don't have a choice!" He picks up the sword and stands over a moaning Cordy. Angel raises the sword. Connor starts to get up as Angel says, "I'm so sorry." Cordy screams, and as Angel moves to strike, light blazes out from Cordy's belly. Angel and Connor are knocked down. Prismatic light fills the shot, and the silhouette of something with tentacles is visible. The tentacles gradually coalesce. Johanna says, "Connor is thinking that as long as it has ten tentacles and ten horns, he's happy." Connor and Angel stare, bewildered, as the light fades to reveal Zoe, from...oh, you know, that science fiction show. That show that got cancelled. Remember? No, I mean this season. The name started with "F." No, the one on Fox. No, not the one with the robot who drinks and smokes; I'm talking about the show that didn't make any sense. Yeah, that's the one. Anyway. Angel looks at Cordy, who moans and falls unconscious. He quickly grabs the sword and jumps up to attack, then stops suddenly and gasps, "Omigod." California is finally rubbing off on him. Angel falls to his knees, and Connor does the same. "You're beautiful," Angel sighs. Zoe smiles prettily and says, "Angel." Shantih.

Next week, Zoe starts a twelve-step program, and Fred gets some really nasty outfits.

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