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This Ain't No Love Song

Props to DeKnight, il miglior fabbro.

April is the cruelest month, breeding reruns out of the dead air, mixing reality and contrivance, stirring dull line-ups with spring premieres. Am I right, people? Previously on Angel, Darla gave Angel a handful of dust, Cordy was looking into the heart of light, Satan surprised us with a shower of fire, and Cordelia fell for the old "Cary's going to do a spell in a secluded location" trick.

As usual, we start moments after last week's episode ended. Angel declares, "All this time, it was you, wasn't it?" While Cary pulls out a little collapsible crossbow, Cordy claims that at one time she would have seen the trap miles away, but she sensed the audience was getting impatient so she figured it was time to slip up. She asks, "What finally tipped off the Great Detective?" Is Sherlock Holmes on this show now, too? I lost track of who's in the cast several months ago. Angel answers, "Tongue. Slip of." Talking backwards he is why? Flashback to last week, when Cordy described her parasite as "my sweet baby." Back to Angel, who's gone all Atticus as he says, "'My sweet.' Same phrase [the Forced Evil] kept using." I'd make fun of the damning evidence, but it looks so pretty fluttering around in the breeze like that. Wesley adds that her wording was the final blow: "What we already knew, what he found out as Angelus -- all the circumstantial [sic] led to you." If you say so. Cordy smirks, "Little late to the table, but I might have a few scraps left." Fred asks Cordy why she did it, and Angel insists that "it" isn't Cordelia at all. Cordy grins, "Maybe you just don't know me very well." Angel steps closer to her, and she tries to attack him with the dagger. Angel swats her arm away and grabs her by the throat, growling, "Where's Cordelia?"

Connor surprises them, coming down from the ceiling in a shower of glass. Is there a skylight in this pipe-filled basement? Are they in a basement? I need more context. Connor does a backflip as Angel -- who has stupidly released Cordy -- shouts, "Wait, Cordy's not what you think!" Connor tosses Angel into Wesley. Cary fires the crossbow at Connor, who dodges and knocks Cary down. As Angel gets up, Connor does a neat little thing where he wraps Fred's arm around himself and fires the tranq gun she's holding at Angel. Then Connor backhands Fred. I like that kid. Connor grabs Cordy's hand and they run away. Cordy looks back to smirk in slow motion as Angel collapses. The Magic 8-Ball rolls across the floor toward Angel, and then into the camera. It reads, "Ask again later." Heh.

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