I Will Remember You

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I Will Remember You

This is, of course, the second half of the latest thrilling "crossover event" with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Buffy's half of the story opened with a big action sequence, where she wound up cleaning a vampire's clock. Angel, not to be outdone, opens his show by winding a clock. Next, he watches a pencil roll across his desk. In the outer office, Doyle and Cordy watch him as they confer. Cordy declares that since Angel saw Buffy while he was in Sunnydale, he's bound to be more moody that usual. Angel opens his desk drawer and pulls out a stake. Cordy and Doyle race into the office, saying things like "Don't do it!" and "It's not worth it!" I brace myself as the Anvil of Wacky Misunderstandings begins its deadly path toward my head. Angel explains that he needs the stake because the floor is uneven, and jams it under one of the desk's legs. Cordy is wearing a shiny, flowery, midriff-baring halter top with a denim skirt. She looks like a gypsy cowgirl. Angel asks what made them think he was suicidal, Cordy explains that they were worried because Angel saw Buffy. Angel insists he just went to help, and that Buffy never knew he was in Sunnydale. Cordy says, "If my ex came to town and was all stalking me in the shadows, and then left, and then he didn't even say hello, I'd be --" "A little upset," Buffy concludes. Angel looks at the door, where Buffy stands giving him a look of death. During the commercials I use a mirror to practice imitating Buffy's glare, since it's bound to come in handy.

Cordy asks what Buffy's doing in town. Buffy claims she's visiting her father, and thought she'd stop by. Awkward pause. Buffy asks how Cordy is; Cordy says she's good. Cordy is far too tense in this scene; she ought to be making her usual tactless remarks to Buffy. Instead, she giggles nervously and asks how Buffy is, and Buffy responds, "I've been better," while giving Angel another nasty look. Angel looks down at his desk like a wuss. Cordy introduces Doyle and then quickly drags him out of the room. Buffy closes the door. Angel continues to avoid looking at Buffy, and finally asks, "Can I get you anything?" "How about an explanation?" Buffy responds. Angel looks around the room blankly. Buffy continues, "Who do you think you are, coming to my town, following me around behind my back?" Angel sighs, "I'm sorry." I recently had a conversation similar in tone, if not in content, to this one, so maybe I'm projecting, but I think Gellar and Boreanaz do a good job of seeming, respectively, furious and weaselly. Buffy asks how come Angel can see her, but she can't see Angel, although I think she's getting the better end of that deal. Angel says, "I wrestled with this decision." Buffy points out that he made the decision without consulting her. Angel tells her, defensively, "It's complicated how this all happened, Buffy, y'know, it's kind of a long story." Buffy asks, for the purpose of clarification, "Your new sidekick had a vision, I was in it, you came to Sunnydale?" "Okay, maybe not that long," Angel concedes. It's a good thing we haven't seen that joke twenty times before on Buffy. Oh wait; we have. Buffy says, "I'm a big girl now, Angel. I'm not in high school any more." Barely. "A lot has happened in my life since you left." Angel says he respects that. Buffy concludes, "I don't need you skulking around, trying to protect me...unless, of course, I'm in some gigantic fight to the death, which I was last night." I think Buffy is losing her focus here; the point isn't that Angel helped her -- it's that he didn't do so openly.

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