I Fall To Pieces

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I Fall To Pieces

Ronald turns to Melissa, who has been awakened by all the turmoil, and reattaches his hand. Ronald accuses Melissa of leading him on, "until you could find yourself a vacuous L.A. pretty-boy." At the mere idea of dating Angel, Melissa panics and tries to run away, but Ronald grabs her and pulls out a scalpel. Melissa changes tacks, and tells Ronald that he knows she'd have to be crazy to get involved with him, and that he's a "vile, repulsive freak, and I am done being afraid of you." Ronald's throat morphs a little here, for some unknown reason. Melissa concludes by telling Ronald, "Angel was right, you're weak." Ronald's snappy retort is "I'm weak? Then how is it I killed him?" Which is of course when Angel enters with the answer, "Inefficiently." For all the work that went into that setup, I kind of expected a better payoff. Well, at least we're heading for the big showdown.

I don't know the words to describe this next bit adequately. Okay, deep breaths. I can do this. Ronald starts to run away, with Angel right behind him. Then Ronald turns and...all right, here goes: Ronald's jaw jumps out of his mouth and bites Angel's arm. It's not even really his jaw, it's like one of those little chattering teeth sets, only a little bloodier. And it's not his whole lower jaw, but it's more than just his teeth. All I can say is, it is darn amusing to watch when it hurtles through the air and bites Angel. So, Angel smashes his arm against a wall, shattering Ronald's jaw-or-whatever-the-hell-it-is. Next Ronald tries stabbing Angel with the scalpel, and tosses one of his hands around Angel's throat for good measure. Angel ends up stabbing the hand to the floor with the scalpel. While Ronald tells Melissa how happy they could have been together, one of his ears sorta falls off, which has got to be embarrassing for him. Angel calls Ronald's name, and when Ronald turns Angel throws a mighty punch which causes a styrofoam head to fall to the floor nearby. I'm not sure what happened to Ronald's own head, maybe it got knocked off as well. Angel gives Melissa a nice hug to pay her back for enduring the kind of climactic fight scene you don't normally find outside of anime.

Some time later, Cordy adds fresh grounds to the gross old coffee filter. So they can afford coffee, but not filters? Huh? Angel wanders in having sealed Ronald away in a bunch of separate boxes and buried them. Melissa enters and presents Angel with a plant, causing Angel to comment, "Hope it doesn't need light." Because that stuff streaming in through the windows and illuminating the office is darkness. Cordy and Doyle cough and carry on until Angel mentions that there's a bill for his services. Melissa pulls out a check without even asking how much she owes, and Cordy grabs it and scurries away. Angel insists he didn't do it for the money, but Melissa tells him that he earned it. Exit Melissa. Doyle and Cordy prepare to head to the bank to deposit the check, but Angel says "I think I'll stay here and not burst into flames." I'll refrain from more comments about his ability to handle sunlight and instead mention that the captioning says "I think I'll stay here and, uh, burst into flames." Cordy and Doyle leave, while Cordy insists that Doyle needs to have more visions so that they can earn more money. Cordy goes on to ask, "If I hit you in the head, would you have a vision?" Doyle says, "Get away from me; you're insane." Angel puts his plant down on a desk and wanders off-camera to talk to his agent.

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