I Fall To Pieces

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I Fall To Pieces

The police are cleaning up the scene while Doyle gives Melissa a cup of something he pours out of his flask. Nearby, Kate asks Angel how Ronald could have gotten past the locks and security cameras in the building. Kate also says she found fingerprints, which they will compare to Ronald's. Angel passes this information on to Doyle, who comments "At least it was just his hands down there [in Melissa's bed]...I wish I hadn't even thought that." Yeah, me too. And: ew. They discuss the situation, and Angel says that if Ronald's bits and pieces are separated from him for too long, they will begin to deteriorate and he won't be able to reattach them.

Doyle and Cordy are Ronald-proofing Angel's pad with duct tape while Melissa talks to Angel. Angel tells Melissa "He's the weak one. You're the strong one." Cordy offers that Angel "knows what he's talking about; he has stalked plenty of...books on the subject." I still think that observation would have been more appropriate, not to mention funnier, earlier. Cordy and Angel wander upstairs, where Angel begins looking through the yellow pages for somewhere he can get steel boxes. I think I saw this movie with Sherilyn Fenn. The phone rings, and Cordy says "It's the special line." Commissioner Gordon? Oh, no; it's Ronald calling for Mr. Jenson. Angel answers, and Ronald says he'll do the operation but he'll need one hundred thousand dollars to start setting things up. Angel says he'll head right over with the money.

Angel comes into Ronald's office carrying a safe deposit box. I don't think you can take those out of the bank, but I wouldn't really know. Ronald says he knows Angel didn't bring the money, and that his name isn't really Jenson. Then Ronald shoots Angel in the neck with a dart. Ronald says, "You'll feel a slight sinking sensation. That's your heart slowing down as the paralytic takes effect. Eventually it'll stop altogether." While Angel gasps, pants, and collapses on the floor, Ronald raves a bit about Melissa and then leaves. I kept expecting Angel to suddenly reveal that he was only pretending to be affected by the dart, considering that just last week on Buffy another vampire noted that she didn't have a heartbeat or pulse, which suggests that Ronald's drug shouldn't affect Angel at all. But then I keep expecting consistency or something, which we all know is a silly thing to do.

Doyle finishes taping up Angel's place as Cordy tells him that Melissa has fallen asleep with the aid of the whiskey he added to her tea. Cordy notes that dating is difficult. Doyle offers, "Not every relationship leads to disaster." This discussion continues off-screen while the camera reveals little fingers poking through the duct tape. A slightly amusing bit of dialogue was apparently snipped, but is still in the captioning, as Cordy asks Doyle, "You ever had one that didn't?" He answers, "Not me, personally, but I read...." We resume their chit-chat with Cordy worrying about Angel, while Doyle continues to go wild with the duct tape. They hear a mysterious scraping and move to investigate. Doyle grabs some weapons from the walls and doesn't see the eyeball floating above them. They track the noise down to Angel's handy trapdoor to the sewers, which is rattling as a hand tries to push it open. The other hand, meanwhile, opens the front door for Ronald who enters and pops his eye back in. Ronald knows where Angel lives how, exactly? As the hand in the sewer opens the latch, Doyle demonstrates exactly how dumb he is by opening the trapdoor and peering down inside. Ronald grabs Cordy and knocks her unconscious while his free hand (heh) pulls Doyle down into the sewers.

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