I Fall To Pieces

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I Fall To Pieces

Angel visits Swami Vinpir in his ornate, pillowy hideaway. Angel asks for help understanding Ronald. Vinpir agrees that Ronald is not like most people. Vinpir says that when he met Ronald, Vinpir was trying to learn how to use all of the untapped resources in the brain. He says, "I introduced Dr. Meltzer to psychic surgeons -- yogis who are able to shut down their somatic systems for days at a time. But he eclipsed us all." Vinpir goes on to explain that his research had been based on theories, but after meeting Ronald, he quit teaching. "Because you stopped believing?" asks Angel. "No. Because I began to believe completely." Fearing that a discussion of James Randi and psychic surgery will start in the forums at any moment, Strega hurries to the next scene.

Ronald lurks outside of Melissa's apartment complex, as she tosses fitfully in her sleep. A cop pulls up outside and tells Ronald to turn around and put his hands up. Ronald turns, hands in pockets, and insists he is just taking a walk. The cop, who I'm pretty sure should have a partner with him, repeats his order for Ronald to raise his hands. Ronald reveals that his arms end in stumps, and we cut inside, where his hands are clawing their way onto Melissa's bed. Ew. The cop apologizes and holsters his gun. So the handicapped can't be stalkers? That seems discriminatory. As the hands grope under the covers, we cut to a commercial.

We now return to Cops, already in progress. Our man in blue hears screams from inside an apartment, and races into the complex, where he breaks open a door to gain entry. He then races upstairs to burst into Melissa's apartment, gun drawn, where she is gasping for breath. "Did someone break in? Lady, I can't help you, you don't tell me what's wrong." Melissa points to the bedroom and says, "In there." The cop walks into the bedroom, and peers through the open bathroom door. The cop does not actually open the closet door in plain sight in the bedroom, or look in any other possible hiding places. So it serves him right when, as he starts to tell Melissa that no one else is there, the hands jump onto his neck and start to strangle him. How did the hands know where the cop was to jump on him like that? Ronald didn't send an eye in there with them. Am I trying to find sense where there is none? Yes. Okay, so Ronald smirks as the poor cop has to act like the two rubber hands attached to his uniform are hurting him. Melissa runs screaming out of the building, right into Angel's waiting arms. Nearby, Ronald watches Angel comfort Melissa, while his hands climb up his trouser legs and reattach themselves. If his hands have to crawl around like spiders, how come his eye could just float in midair like that? Oh, because an eye oozing around on the floor would be even sillier. Gotcha.

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