I Fall To Pieces

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I Fall To Pieces

Angel makes his way into Ronald's office. Perusing the bookshelves, he picks out a slim volume called Anything's Possible, by Dr. Vinpir Natpudan signed, "To Ronald, Thanks for having the 'nerve' to believe. Fondly, Vin." Recognizing the value of a signed first edition of this rare work, Angel slips it into his pocket just as Ronald himself enters, demanding to know what he's doing. So that's how he's been paying the bills; Angel's an antiquarian! Angel introduces himself as "Jenson," and says he needs the doctor to remove a malignant tumor his wife has. Ronald says he could lose his license (guess Ronald's with an HMO) and that he's not interested, so Angel grabs the picture of Melissa on Ronald's desk and questions him as to who she is. Ronald says that Melissa is his fiancée. Angel asks, "Do you know what it's like to be so much a part of someone that you don't know where they [sic] end and you begin?" I dunno, do you think every Dawson has a Joey? Angel says he won't let his wife die, "while the law catches up with science. What I am willing to do is pay you whatever it takes."

Cordy's at Good Samaritan Hospital, claiming to be working on an article about Ronald. The female doctor she interviews says that Ronald has found ways of extending the amount of time doctors have to reattach severed nerves. Cordy probes, "So he's good at the cutting and the sewing...Did he ever strike you as a big, dangerous creep?" When the doctor is startled by this line of questioning, Cordy explains that she doesn't like the way Ronald treats women, and asks if the doctor wants to contribute any comments about him anonymously. The doctor hesitates, but then offers that Ronald doesn't like to share his techniques, and has made some unusual claims about his abilities.

Back at the office, while Angel surfs the net Cordy tells him that Ronald can reattach eyes to patients. Cordy then asks, "What is stalking, nowadays -- like, the third most popular sport among men?" Angel responds "Fourth, after luge," and we pray that the comic relief is over for this scene. Cordy wonders, "What it is about Melissa that has got him going all O.J. here?" Johanna points out that this is the second oh-so-timely O.J. reference for the episode. Angel answers, "It's about rage. This guy is too messed up to deal with a real woman, and he can't stand that, so he creates a fantasy about a girl he barely knows. But eventually even she fails him, and he has to hurt her because when he looks at her all he sees is how useless he is and how damaged --" You may want to clip and save this handy summary of Angel's relationship with Buffy. Oddly, the writers don't let Cordy make a humorous comment along those lines, perhaps worried that it might actually be funny. Turning to the question of how Ronald keeps track of Melissa's activities, Angel mentions that the book he stole claims that "we are everywhere at once, since we're all made up of the same molecules." Cordy takes the book and claims to remember that Vinpir, the author, "made a big noise a few years back on public televison." Cordy. Learned about New Age gurus. On public television. Oooookay. According to the article Angel pulls up on his computer, Vinpir had a nervous breakdown after conducting "an exclusive retreat for a group of well-known yogis and doctors," including our pal Ronald. Since then, Vinpir has been a Angel sends him an email: "I hope you'll have the 'nerve' to believe that I need help with Ronald Meltzer." Because even a recluse has an email address, in case anyone wants to get in touch with him. Why, that's the very definition of recluse! I'm going to search for aspirin during the next blipvert.

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