I Fall To Pieces

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I Fall To Pieces

Melissa's at an ATM. Her PIN number doesn't work. Enter creepy guy, to be identified as Ronald. Ronald changed her number to 3-5-99, the anniversary of their meeting. Melissa tells him to leave her alone. Ronald says, "I just want you to be happy and healthy, silly." Then Ronald suggests that Melissa ease up on the tranquilizers, asking "How many did you take today in the bathroom at work today -- three?" We learn that Ronald and Melissa only had one date, and that Ronald is a doctor. Summoned by his pager, Ronald leaves, but mentions, "I'll see you tonight." Cordy gets a call back at "Angel Investigations" and hangs up to announce that Melissa's on her way over. Angel greets this news by saying, "I gotta change my shirt."

Melissa tells her story to Angel, who is now wearing an off-white shirt. Dr. Ronald Meltzer, a neurosurgeon, fixed Melissa's eyesight seven months ago, took her out for a drink, and has been stalking her ever since. She adds that she can feel him watching her constantly, and that he knows about everything she does. She also offers that those pills we saw her take were "Xanitab." With another "joke" about the bad coffee, Melissa prepares to head home, escorted by Doyle. Melissa stops to ask Angel how he knew she needed help, and Angel answers, "I have a friend in the police department." Melissa acts as if this explains things and leaves, although if she had actually reported any of this to the police, I think she should have mentioned that. Angel wonders how Ronald could see everything Melissa does. "Is he invisible, or some kind of ghost? Maybe he can astral project [sic]." Cordy suggests that Ronald could have "an accomplice or a hidden camera. Not everything has to be creepy and supernatural, you know." Angel reminds Cordy of Doyle's vision, which apparently is an omen of creepiness. As Cordy exits, Angel strives in vain to look as if he's thinking.

As night falls, Melissa closes her curtains to block out a stray bit of high-speed footage from the Ray of Light video. As she prepares for bed, Ronald sits in his office, squeezing the bridge of his nose. When he moves his hand out of the way, we can see that his right eyeball has gone missing. Oh, there it is, floating in midair back at Melissa's apartment, watching her undress. Strega giggles hysterically at the idea that Melissa is being stalked by William James' transparent eyeball.

Angel discusses his case with Kate at the police station. Kate tells him that Ronald's lawyers are Wolfram and Hart, "the law firm that Johnnie Cochran is too ethical to join." I believe this is the same team that worked for the big bad vamp in the first episode. Anyhow, apparently they've filed a restraining order against Melissa on Ronald's behalf. Kate adds that Ronald hasn't done anything violent, and asks Angel, "Do you think he's gonna blow?" Isn't a gradual escalation to violence typical of stalking behavior, and shouldn't a police detective know that? Anyway, Angel says that he does expect the problem to get worse, and Kate says she'll "put a uniform on her building." That's gotta be a big uniform. [Insert rimshot.] Kate says that Melissa needs to get mad, and points out that even if they put Ronald in jail, "he's still winning, and she's still afraid. He took this girl's power away from her and nobody can get it back for her but her."

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