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Home of Deranged (Writers)

With that, Lilah tosses a folder to Angel. He glances at it and says, "Sunnydale," before looking inside and pulling out an Amulet of Assitude. Lilah says that the amulet is important for a "final battle" of some kind. Angel says, "Buffy can handle herself." Lilah replies, "But isn't it more fun when you handle her?" No, "fun" isn't the first word that comes to mind when I think of Buffy and Angel. Angel tosses the folder away, and Lilah asks if there's any information Angel would be interested in -- like missing persons. He glares at her, and Lilah says, "Knew there had to be a reason you took the tour. Dead, not stupid." She says she doesn't know where Cordy and Connor are, but that Angel could find out pretty easily. She hands him a gorgeous office phone, like the ultra-slim model she used to have. I covet that phone. Angel holds the phone for a second, then says, "I'm sorry [about] what happened to you, Lilah. I really am. Me [sic] and my friends will be leaving now." What? Why is he sorry? He threatened to kill her how many times? Whatever. Angel heads for the door, but stops when the phone rings. Lilah answers it, and tells Angel that the Senior Partners want Angel to see all of the amenities before he decides. With that, a panel in the wall is raised, revealing a television screen. A news anchor is saying something about a bomb scare. Angel stares at the TV and gasps, "Cool! Is that high-def?" Hee. The anchor mentions hostages, and the video cuts to security-camera footage of a store. Some shoppers run past the camera, followed by Connor. The shot freezes on him. Lilah says, "Really does have your eyes, doesn't he?"

When we return, Angel grabs Lilah's neck, and shoves her against a wall. Lilah gasps, "Watch the head. It comes off kinda easy [sic]." Angel figures Wolfram & Hart set this up, and orders Lilah to stop it. Boreanaz does a very good job through this episode, too. He looks scared even as he's threatening Lilah, which is nice. Lilah insists that they had nothing to do with it. "But you know who did!" Angel growls. Lilah admits that she does: "I'm looking at him. You're the one who raised him. Or didn't." Ouch. Angel lets go of Lilah and backs away, stunned. Lilah adds, "I can't imagine how the kid turned out postal." Hee. Angel, infuriated, jumps back into Lilah's face and says she doesn't know Connor at all. Lilah is staring tensely into space, not looking at Angel even though he's inches from her, and it looks odd but I really like it. Lilah's not usually terrified by anything, and she's already dead, so what he can he do? But I think her inability to meet his eyes says a lot. Angel heads for the door again, and Lilah tells him that if he walks out, the deal is off. Angel turns back to her and snaps, "People like you, this place -- that's what's wrong with the world, Lilah! I will never be a part of this!" Then he looks at Connor on the screen and adds, "Not the way you're hoping." He advances toward her again, and says he's going to tell her what their deal is. Lilah swallows nervously. Angel looks a little stubbly -- I wonder if this was shot at the last minute, because there's just a hint of facial hair there. Anyway, good scene, and good job by Romanov and Boreanaz.

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