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Home of Deranged (Writers)

Fred tells Knox that he doesn't look like a lawyer. She's quick on the uptake. Maybe it's the lab coat? Oh, did I mention that Knox is cute? And his hair is all messy. I think I love him. He says, "I'm strictly R&D. Although, occasionally, some D&D." Fred acts like she doesn't know what that is, and whatever. Like Fred wasn't registered on a dozen MUSHes as Princess YnyZ'tasia. Knox goes on, "D&D? Dungeons and...? We actually have a dungeon -- I can show it to you later. Um. I manage the science division." Jeffrey Bell may have a rival for my affections. Fred thinks Knox is pretty young to be heading the department, and Knox explains that he's just the manager, and that actually she would be the department head. Oh, good; after making Fred slightly less hateful in the last few episodes by focusing on her non-geeky, survived-five-years-in-Pylea side, it looks as if they've decided to give her a gig that is based entirely on her obnoxious and nonsensical geekitude.

The room Fred and Knox enter is full of demon skulls and laser beams and floor-to-ceiling windows. Fred wanders over to a counter and picks up a PDA, which Knox says is one of his inventions. Fred's underwhelmed until Knox uses his PDA to access information in Fred's cell phone, and explains that his can hack into "any electrical device within 100 yards." Oh, good. I look forward to watching a show in which Fred can do magic. Which we'll pretend is "technology." Fred gasps that Knox is the company's MacGyver. Knox admits, "I can make practically anything out of a...fully equipped...multi-million dollar... lab." Heh.

Rutherford leads Wesley into a small, comfortably appointed room. A row of books stand on a table. Rutherford waves at the book and declares them "our ancient prophecies wing." Wesley sniffs, "Looks like your wing's been clipped." Is everyone going to be quip-happy now? It's bad enough when it's just Angel. Rutherford invites Wesley to ask for something rare. Wesley requests the "Devandiré Sibylline Codex." Sibylline? Shout-out? No, but let's pretend. Rutherford picks up one of the volumes and repeats Wesley's request before handing it over. Wesley opens the book, and we see blank pages for a moment before writing fills the page. Rutherford explains, "The template you're holding provides access to anything stored in the firm's locked archives relating to prophesies, omens, Revelations." Does it automatically bungle the translations, too? Because if it does, they've just made Wesley redundant. Wesley asks if the Watcher's Council knows that Rutherford stole the codex. Rutherford hisses that there is no Watcher's Council now; Wesley agrees, and then asks, "So you opted to, what, play for the other side? Cross the line?" Sorry, do you only get to do that if your boss tries to suffocate you? Rutherford and Wesley continue their ambiguous British fuckwittery duel, and then Wesley starts to say that there's something about Watchers and libraries, then suddenly punches Rutherford. My brother observes that there's something about Watchers and getting knocked unconscious. Wesley pops a little grappling hook to pop out of one of his idiotic wrist-mounted magical gadgets. Hate hate hate hate hate. He fires the grappling hook into the ceiling and flies away on the wire of righteousness (tm elishavah). Johanna asks, "Why is he going into the ceiling?" Because he's a super-spy now. Duh.

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