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Home of Deranged (Writers)

Lilah introduces Cary to Preston, the short guy, who will show Cary Wolfram & Hart's "entertainment division." Preston shows Cary a little notebook and says it's a "rundown of some of the talent [they] represent." Cary insists that he knows what they represent: "Evil! Pure evil!" But he glances at the papers Preston is flipping though and adds, "Which is also apparently everyone I've ever wanted to meet!" With a giggle, Cary and Preston head off. Next, Wesley is introduced to the David Warner impersonator, one Rutherford Sirk. I guess Lilah is matching people up based on how silly their names are. Exit Wesley and Rutherford. Gunn's guide is the babe, Lacey Shepherd. Lilah comments, "I think you'll find you two have nothing in common." As they exit, Gunn asks if she's going to try to corrupt him. Lacey says, "Wouldn't dream of it." Gunn sniffs, "We'll have to work on that." Fred's guide is the lab tech, Knox. Also known as Holden Webster, in his previous unlife. He's cute, which is doing nothing for my feelings toward Fred. Off they go. And finally, Angel looks knowingly at Lilah. She says, "Come on, Charlie. Let me show you around the Chocolate Factory." Angel stares, thinking, "They make candy here, too? And...hey, wait a minute -- my name's not Charlie! Is it?"

And then there's a scene that sorta explains why Connor goes postal later. But it didn't make the episode. So I can't recap it. I'm just mentioning this so I don't get fifty emails telling me about this cut scene. Yes, I know. My point is, cutting it was a bad move. And while I'm at it, I'll also mention that I told Johanna about the cut scene over the phone, which caused some confusion, because it ends with Connor hitting a bench and causing "a fissure." Johanna heard "fisher" and was quite confused. If I'd been very clever, I'd have told her that they were officially changing the name to Angle. Because she wouldn't be able to hit me over the phone. Where was I?

Gunn and Lacey march through the building. Gunn says that giving individual tours is a good way to isolate Angel. Lacey snickers, "Is that what we're doing?" Gunn suggests that luring Angel over to their side would be a big score for Wolfram & Hart. Lacey admits that Angel is a priority, but claims that all of the MoG have useful gifts. Now I'm all confused again. Lilah made it sound like they weren't joining Wolfram & Hart, but this makes it sound like they are. Gunn admits that the rest of the MoG have their advantages, like if you ever need someone talked to death, you just call Wesley, but Gunn doesn't know what he could contribute, and can I just say that making Gunn, of all people, into the insecure Xander of this show just makes me crazy. He fought vampires! By himself! Without superpowers! God! So then Gunn thinks he's just going to be a security goon, but Lacey says he isn't. Another vitally important scene. We don't see any part of Cary's tour, have you noticed? Poor Cary. And poor us.

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