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Home of Deranged (Writers)

Dramatic music. Elevator doors open as the MoG step out into the main lobby of Wolfram & Hart. Which is now a mall. It's meant to be a big open office building, and it's airy and spacious and bright and completely without personality. Because it's a mall. There's a giant "WH" logo by the stairs, and I'm surprised they didn't go all the way and make it in the same style as the WB's logo. Business-suited folk stride by importantly, pausing to say, "Morning, Mister Angel." After a few rounds of that, Angel turns back to the MoG and says, "There's no way this is gonna go well." Heh. The MoG head further into the lobby, and the camera pans up so we can be admire the mallness of the new place.

After the ads, Lilah leads four people to meet the MoG. Lilah is wearing a scarlet... okay, you know what a pirate shirt is? This is like a pirate's wench shirt. It's all cleavage and buttons. And, of course, she has a matching scarf around her neck. But her hair is parted normally again. That was weirding me out. The people with her are a babe, a short guy, a lab tech, and a David Warner impersonator. Lilah starts to introduce the MoG to their "guides," but Angel doesn't like the idea of separating for individual tours. Lilah insists that they all have their own interests, so she thought it was better to "prioritize and personalize," but Angel suggests she means "divide and conquer." Lilah sighs, "Oh, you're so cynical." Then she grins, "See, this is gonna work out great!" Heh. Stephanie Romanov is really on throughout this episode. I wonder if she's feeling invigorated about being back from the dead. Angel insists that they'll take the tour together. Meanwhile, the babe in Lilah's gang is trading glances with Gunn. As Angel turns back to make sure the MoG are with him on this, Gunn asks, "Do I get her?" Yup. That's Gunn. Because if he was lured into entering the enemy's stronghold, he'd immediately get distracted by a hottie who works for the enemy. We've seen that so many times. He's always hitting on Lilah, for example. God, this is infuriating.

Lilah waves to a flunky, who wheels in a cart of weapons, and says, "If we wanted to harm you, we'd have blown up the limo, right?" Yeah, which is why getting in the limo was such a bonehead move. Lilah says they can be armed for the tour. The MoG stare. Lilah adds, "Just because we've tried to kill or corrupt each and every one of you at one time or another doesn't mean we can't be trusted." They have? Did I miss the episodes where they deliberately tried to kill or corrupt Fred? Or Gunn? Or Wesley? Or Cary?! Wow, it's like I've completely forgotten everything that actually happened on this show. How embarrassing. Wesley concedes, "We've made deals with them before. They are honorable in their way." No, really, did I sleep through a whole season? Or is this the wrong show? What the fuck is going on? I can think of one deal with Wolfram & Hart, and it wasn't so much that they were honorable as Angel didn't give them a chance to be dishonorable. Gunn repeats his mindless, "Do I get her?" and makes me want to cry with frustration. Fred is not at all distracted or perturbed by Gunn's behavior, which is completely consistent with how she acted just a few weeks ago. If you've been hit on the head repeatedly. Instead, she picks up a very, very large gun. With an arm-brace, which she shoves under her arm, which is sort of funny in that she doesn't even know how to hold the thing, but on the other hand it just stresses what an amazingly bad idea it is to think that Fred's safe because she's got a big gun that she can't even hold correctly. Jesus. I hate everyone.

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