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Cary enters the lobby, where Angel is finishing getting dressed. In the lobby. In front of Fred. I don't even want to know what's going on there. Cary says he couldn't find any leads on Connor or Cordy. Why do they keep sending Cary out to talk to his sources when they never turn out to be useful? Maybe Cary doesn't really have any sources. Maybe he just slips out for happy hour and then comes back saying, "Gee, no luck, sorry." Cary also reports that things outside look grim, and then heads for the bar he seems to have installed in the front desk. He's got his priorities; I respect that. Wesley and Gunn enter, and Angel insists that they have to find Connor and Cordy. Gunn starts to suggest Wolfram & Hart again, although he doesn't get as far as saying their name. Why didn't they give all of this open-minded stuff to Fred? There's really no suggestion too idiotic for her to make, so it wouldn't be as big a problem for me. Angel growls, "You wanna get into that limo when it gets here? That's up to you." He says it's their decision to make, adding, "But know this: before the ride's even over, before you cross through their doors, you'll be corrupted." He grabs his coat and heads out to search for Connor. Fred tells Gunn, "I can't believe he thought you meant --" because she's dim. Gunn interrupts to declare that he's going to bed. There's some more time thrown away on awkward silence, and then Wesley decides he should go home as well. Fred stares around, confused. And dim.

In the wee small hours, Fred sneaks downstairs, carrying her shoes. Because in this gigantic hotel, Gunn or Cary might hear her walking along the carpet in the middle of the night. With their super-hearing. This is yet another scene that's takes thirty seconds to establish something that we wouldn't have missed. Suppose we started with Fred outside. Would the audience be saying, "Gosh, how'd that happen? Did she walk down the stairs, or slide down the banister? I must know!" She gets outside and sees the limo parked on the street. Wesley says, "I don't know how long it's been here." Because I'm sure that question was uppermost in Fred's mind. Fred says she thought she'd be the only one there. Wesley sniffs, "I thought for sure I wouldn't be. Although I wasn't expecting it to be you." Fred nervously says, "If they are up to something --" "We should know what it is," Gunn finishes. He's wearing a light blue Jersey shirt that I strongly dislike. Johanna claims it's a nice color on him, which I'm not sure about, but I definitely don't like the cut. Way too frat-boy. They all stand together and stare at the limo. Wesley asks, "What are the odds the humans would be the most corruptible?" Wesley, what sort of being does Wolfram & Hart employ? While you ponder that, how about shutting up? They slowly walk toward the car, because everything must take as long as possible, and Gunn says they're just going to take the tour. Wesley agrees, "Go into this with our eyes open and our wits about us. There shouldn't be any --" "Surprises?" Angel asks. These people are clearly spending way too much time together. If I were one of them, I'd start saying nonsensical things just so people wouldn't finish my sentences for -- Oh my God, that's why Fred says crazy things! It all becomes clear! Angel walks for the car, sighing, "What the hell?" He opens the limo door, and there's a sudden blast of music from the car radio as we see Cary inside. Cary is telling the driver, "So it's an evil limo, I get that, but does that mean we don't restock the cherries?" Cary turns to look at the rest of the gang and gapes for a moment before saying, "Hi!"

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