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Outside they're staging the usual riot, but Connor prefers it to the silence, yes he's more afraid of quiet. He walks along the street, then turns and looks up at someone in dark clothes pacing on a nearby rooftop. I assume he thinks it's Angel, since I did.

But it's actually a cop. Up on the rooftop, Connor approaches and asks if the cop's okay. The cop frets, "I lost something. Something I need. I can't find it!" He asks if Connor can help him look. Connor says, "I don't think I can. I think it's gone." The cop looks at the gun in his hand, and starts to aim it at his head. Connor grabs the cop's arm and insists, "What you're feeling right now won't last." He helps the cop put the gun in its holster, and tells him to go home. The cop is confused, and Connor sighs, "You got one, don't you?" The cop pulls out his wallet and shows some family photos to Connor. He mutters, "That's Sarah, and that's Jill. That's my home, right there." Connor growls, "That's your family and you were just gonna leave them like that? How were they gonna feel if you didn't come back?" The cop gasps, "I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking." Connor starts to leave, and then turns back and punches the cop, knocking him down. Then he starts pummeling the cop, grunting, "You were gonna leave 'em, huh? Think about this!" I'm not entirely sure I buy this. I don't know. I can believe Connor would punch the guy once. Or I can believe Connor would snap the guy's neck. There's just something about the prolonged beating that feels off.

Wesley is marking up a map. It's a thrill a minute at the Hyperion! He marks the spot where Angel fought with Jasmine, and guesses that she was headed for Cordelia. Who they know wasn't eaten or killed. Except they don't know that; it was a random assumption that Wesley made. Wesley guesses that Connor will be with Cordelia. Why is Wesley's shirt unbuttoned down the chest? Wesley suggests a search in an "ever-expanding perimeter." Gunn says that they'll need help, and wonders if Wolfram & Hart's resources might be useful. Wesley asks whether Gunn thinks that's an option. When was Gunn replaced with an evil doppelganger? Maybe growing the goatee made him turn evil gradually. Remember when Gunn nixed the idea of trying to get information from Wolfram & Hart in "Tomorrow"? It seems like this is intended to parallel that, and show how Gunn's views have changed, which would be interesting except we've seen absolutely nothing to suggest that he's been turning into a big fan of moral relativism. Gunn is the guy who likes busting heads, not redeeming people. Gunn is the one who figures a few thousand dead lawyers is a good start. When undead antagonistic lawyers make an offer, Gunn's not the sort of guy who's going to be open-minded about it. Anyway, this bewildering new version of Gunn says, "I know it's an option, 'cause I was standing there when the dead lady offered it to us." After a moment, he apologizes and says it must have been hard for Wesley to face Lilah. Wesley almost dreamily says, "Oh, yes, that was awkward, wasn't it?" Heh. He adds, "You decapitate a loved one, you don't expect them to come visiting." Gunn blinks and asks, "'Loved one'?" and Wesley grunts that it's a figure of speech. I ask Johanna if we're meant to think that Gunn is only now aware of Wesley and Lilah's relationship, even though that point has been stressed so much that it's showing fault lines. Johanna suggests that maybe Gunn's just surprised to learn that it wasn't purely physical, but I'm not sure that helps. Although I guess Gunn would be a little bewildered at the way Wesley was hitting on Fred if he really cared about Lilah at the time.

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