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Credits. I call Johanna, and complain about the business with the MoG changing clothes and apparently not saying a word to Lilah until Angel arrived. "And Wesley doesn't even live at the hotel! So he went home, showered, changed, and came back?" Johanna suggests that Wesley stayed at the hotel while Jasmine was there, which is a good point, but I'm already busy with my own scenario: "So he's like, 'Don't say a word! I don't want to miss anything, but I really have to change!' And then he drives home and -- hey! No he doesn't, Fred stole his car!" "She did?" "Unless she has her own SUV, yeah, she took his car when she escaped Jasmine. Okay, so maybe they all went in Gunn's truck to retrieve the SUV, and maybe stopped for the Angelmobile, too, and then Wesley stopped at his place for clothes, and then everyone sat around in the office, staring at Lilah, but not actually speaking to her..." Johanna suggests that Lilah asked them all to change, because they were looking pretty nasty: "Maybe she was like, 'I'm a resuscitated corpse, and I think you guys are stinky.'" It's a mystery. Enjoy your final Boreanaz quote of the season: "The overall theme is trying to find some sense of making [Angel] a mortal in an immortality kind of world." That's one way of putting it.

We return. The MoG stare at Lilah. And shift. And ponder. It's amusing. Cary sips his drink. I do likewise. Still silence. Okay, now it's very funny. On the other hand, this is a full minute of screen time spent on a joke. And having seen descriptions of some of the things that were cut for lack of time, leaving this in at their expense seems like a bad call. Once the credits are done with, Gunn finally speaks: "You wanna run that by us one more time?" It turns out that Lilah is offering them the L.A. branch of Wolfram & Hart. She explains, "We give. You win. The Senior Partners are ceding this territory to you." She says they'll own "the building, assets, personnel, letterhead, paperclips, all of it." Fred points out that the L.A. branch was destroyed by Satan. In fact, weren't all of them? Wasn't that the point of the whole "Lilah has to hide in the sewers" thing? Or was that just Wesley being wrong again? Lilah says that the office is tidied up and de-zombied. Gunn says, "You want to give us your evil law firm? We ain't lawyers!" Fred adds, "Or evil! Currently." Lilah says that the MoG can do whatever they want with it; it's their reward for ending world peace. Wesley insists that Jasmine was creating a "slave state," not world peace, but Lilah's all tomato-tomahto. Angel mentions Jasmine's dietary habits, and Lilah sniffs, "They knew what they were getting into." "Her stomach?" Cary shrieks, in my favorite line delivery of the episode. Lilah replies, "She consumed, what, a couple dozen souls a day? Now, weigh that against ending the suffering of millions." With a big grin, she adds, "But you fixed that!" Fred disagrees unconvincingly, and Lilah gives her a hilarious questioning look. Stephanie Romanov is great. And pretty. Lilah says she's "dead and running late," and invites them to consider the offer. There'll be a limo outside before dawn for anyone who wants to get "the grand tour." After she leaves, Fred whines, "We ended a nefarious global domination scheme, not world peace. Right?" Everyone looks at Angel.

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