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"I already took it," Angel announces from nearby. Fred and Wesley look surprised, and Angel non-explains, "Executive decision." There was some outcry in the forums that Angel roped them all into this, but based on what Gunn said, I think that each of them gets to decide whether or not to join. And plus, y'know, this whole thing is so stupid that I don't care much. Lilah arrives carrying the Sunnydale folder, and says, "I'm impressed by the lot of you. Team Angel, all growed [sic] up." Or all regressed to Season One, but don't mind me. Angel folds his arms up uncomfortably and quietly asks Lilah if "it" is taken care of. She nods and says that Cordelia is "probably getting a manicure and a blow dry as we speak." Fred asks about Cordy, and Lilah clarifies that she's still comatose, adding, "Doesn't mean she can't look her best." She explains that Cordy will receive the best care available until they find a way to revive her. Angel grunts his unenthusiastic appreciation and says, "Just one more piece of business. I gotta see him." Lilah says that wasn't part of their deal. Angel says, "Value of compromise. Remember, Lilah?" Lilah ponders that enigmatic phrase, and finally nods and hands over the folder and Amulet of Assitude. She says there's a limo outside that will take Angel to see Connor. By "outside," I hope she means, "in the garage," because it's daytime. Just mentioning it. Angel looks at Lilah directly and thanks her, and then brushes through the MoG. As he and Lilah exit, the MoG turn to watch Angel. Fred asks, "Who's Connor?" Hey, don't blame me; I told you to stop reading in the last paragraph.

A limo drives along a curvy mountain road. I wait for Harrison Ford to start muttering, "I don't know how long we have together. Who does?" Something about scenic travel montages. The limo spends a while on the wrong side of the road, and suddenly plows directly into a logging truck headed in the opposite direction. Angel is dusted by a stray branch, and the Amulet of Assitude falls into the ocean. The end. I'm trying to make things better here, people. The limo finally stops, and by now it's nighttime. Angel gets out and looks at a little house half-hidden by trees. He walks up to the house and peers in a window.

Inside, there's a kid who looks like Connor having dinner with his family. Mom, dad, little sister, and apparently an aunt. All things considered, I think I'm going back to my original name for the baby: Don. Don still has Connor's bad hair, leading Johanna to suggest that he's "a rebel." But then why is he dressed like someone from That '70s Show? The family is chatting happily about how Don can go to any college and get scholarships and is in the top tenth of his class and has a girlfriend. The fact that Don is Connor's age, and not a baby again, makes me think that people's memories were changed; reality wasn't. Well, plus the fact that if reality was changed completely, Wolfram & Hart wouldn't have any reason to offer the MoG a reward. We swirl around the table as the father starts to declare a toast. Don interrupts and stands up. He says, "Since it's my special day, and I'm all brilliant and everything, and I'm forced to spend at least a few more months with you freaks, I get to make the toast, okay?" He raises his glass and declares, "To family." Outside, Angel blinks and maybe almost smiles a tiny bit. The family goes on burbling idyllically, and Don says, "I wasn't actually talking about this family -- I made that clear, right?" Angel turns and heads back to the limo. Presumably, on the way to Sunnydale, Angel will pour bottled water over himself and flail around in the back seat. Fade out. And everything they've been has been undone.

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