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And with that, they start fighting. Punching, barbell-fu, display-smashing. Angel conks Connor with a bowling ball, and then throws him across the room and hurries to free the hostages. The people de-tape themselves and run out of the store. As Angel turns to unfasten Cordy, Connor grabs him, and there's a bit of slow-mo flippiness. This time, Angel is tossed out of the way, and Connor marches toward Cordy. Angel smashes the top of a glass case and pulls out a knife, which he throws into Connor's leg. Owie. Connor falls to the ground. And the kid who was unfazed by a bowling ball to the head is suddenly incapacitated because there's a knife in his thigh. Connor struggles to crawl toward Cordy, but Angel pulls the knife out and yanks him back. Connor is thrown onto his back, and Angel crouches over him, holding the knife. They stare at each other for a moment, and Angel says, "I really do love you, Connor." Connor asks, "So what are you gonna do about it?" Angel looks sad and says, "Prove it," and then slashes the knife down across Connor's neck. Fade to white.

Then the show ends, because Angel has had to kill his son just as Connor had to kill his daughter, and for pretty much the same reasons, giving the whole thing a nice tragic symmetry. Holtz's revenge is complete, but not in the way he expected, because not only did Angel lose his son, but he also had to kill his child in a way that echoes Holtz killing his vamped daughter. Although the Loa's prophecy remains sadly unresolved, which pisses me off. But all in all, not a bad ending. Oh, and then the MoG tell Wolfram & Hart to fuck off, because that was just a really poorly thought-out bit of comedy relief, and the gang heads back to the hotel. If there's no next season, we can feel like this is a mostly solid resolution to the story that's been told. If there is a next season, the MoG can mostly get a fresh start, while there are still enough elements (like Cordelia) left hanging to keep people interested. Still an uneven episode, but Connor's ending was mostly satisfying, and I'll overlook the rest because of that.

Oh, shit, there's five more minutes of show. Okay, listen, I think you're better off not knowing about them. Really. Go away, go get ready for the Dawson's Creek finale or something. Trust me. Are you still here? Fine, it's your choice, but don't say I didn't warn you.

At Wolfram & Hart's mall of malevolence, Cary is singing "Something's Coming" in the ginormous lobby. I'm singing "Inside Your Head," particularly the part that goes "Does it always have to turn to shit? Someone out there's seriously taking the piss." Fred appears and drops off her gun; Cary gives her a hug. Cary says, "When this cruise ship sails, I'll be on the Lido deck." He enthuses about learning "secrets of the universe." "Like, Siegfried: evil. Roy: not so much. Oh, and balance? Very, very important." He dances with Fred a little, and then spins her so that she crashes into Wesley. Heh. Thanks, Cary; you're like a spoonful of sugar. Fred notes Wesley's grumpy expression and asks if he's okay, like this is different from his usual grumpy expression. Wesley says it's a lot to take in. The elevator doors open nearby, and Gunn raises his eyes and then his head in that action-hero-way before striding out to them. Fred stares at him with some confusion and asks, "Did they make you taller?" Gunn ignores her, yay, and tells Wesley, "I'm doing this. Hope it's not just me, but if it is, that's all right too." Wesley hesitantly admits, "There probably is a great deal we could accomplish with the resources available here." Fred is shocked that Wesley's suggesting they take the deal.

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