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Commercials. I call Johanna and moan, "I don't like this, I don't like this. And I wanted to, even when I heard disturbing spoilers, I wanted this to be good, and it's just not." She tells me, "Lilah's pretty. Just focus on that part." She also says that this reminds her of "Touched": "With both of them, it seems like the script was written by someone who'd heard the show described to them, but had never actually seen it." Later, Johanna also asked if maybe they wrote or rewrote this episode at the last minute, when renewal seemed uncertain, which would probably explain a few things.

Here's the other scene that makes sense in terms of plot and characterization. I mean, if you ignore how we got here in the earlier scenes. Angel tells Connor that he's upset because of Jasmine: "We all felt it, that perfect love, and when we had to give it up --" Bzzz, wrong thing to say. Connor smashes a display and shouts, "I didn't feel anything! I can't feel anything." Kinda wish they spent more time on that. I just think it's so tremendously telling that the only times Connor seemed to belong, he had to hide how he actually felt. Connor slowly adds that he really is Angel's son, "'cause [Connor's] dead, too." Angel disagrees, and says Connor's life is just beginning. Connor says "No! You just weren't there before!" Angel starts to say he's sorry, but Connor screams at him that "sorry" doesn't fix anything. Angel says he loves Connor, but Connor dismisses that: "It's always a lie. My dead mother couldn't even love me." Angel tries to explain that Darla killed herself out of love for Connor. Connor finally admits, "You tried to love me. At least I think you did." See, he's not even sure about that. That's great. I love how unloved Connor is, which is some kind of crazy paradoxical thing that may say a lot about my psychology, and shut up. Angel says he does, but Connor continues, "Not enough to hang on. You let him take me away, Dad. You let him get me." Angel is near tears, and I've forgotten how good he is at the fighting-back-tears thing. Granted, it helps that it's rooted in an emotion I believe for a change. Connor turns to Cordy and tells her, "You swore you loved me. Where are you now?" Angel quietly tells Connor that there are people who love him. I don't think this is a good time to be vague, Angel. It just highlights how unconvincing that claim is. Seriously, Angel and Cordy are the only people still alive who ever claimed to love Connor. Well, and me, but I don't think I'm much help in this situation. Connor complains that Angel claimed to love Jasmine, but that he was lying. Angel insists that Jasmine was a lie herself. Connor returns to shouting as he says, "She knew that if you found out who she really was, that you'd turn on her! And she was right -- that's just what happened!" Good summation. Of Jasmine, and of Connor. Aw. Connor says that nobody in the room deserved what Jasmine offered. Angel says, "I want to give you everything. I want to take back the mistakes. Help you start over." Angel, I think "my mistakes" would have been a better choice there. This is really not the time to duck blame. Connor says it's too late, and adds, "There's only one thing that ever changes anything. And that's death." Both Angel and Connor are crying as Connor adds, "Everything else is just a lie. I can't be saved by a lie. I can't be saved at all." Oh, he's discovered nihilism! Pity he didn't take over a bookstore instead, Angel could maybe convert him to existentialism, which is cheerier. Connor reaches for his bomb controls, and Angel leaps forward and punches Connor; Angel then yanks the controls or the fuse or whatever it is away.

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