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Home of Deranged (Writers)

Wesley knocks out a guard and walks through the Files & Records room. I'm not sure why he had to go through the ceiling to get here, but it's way too late to start making sense now. Wesley starts checking the cabinets and finds what he's looking for. As he looks inside, Lilah appears at the end of the aisle and says she was wondering how long it would take him to get there. She says he was slower than she expected, "but then, [he] always did like to take [his] time." Will the deep hurting ever end with these two? She enthuses about all the information in this room, and how she knew he wouldn't be able to resist. Wesley suggests that she doesn't know him that well after all, and turns back to the cabinet. Lilah asks what he's doing as he opens Lilah's file and pulls out a contract. He explains that he's going to release her from her contract. Wesley holds up the contract, pulls out a lighter, and, as Lilah reaches out to take the contract, he sets it aflame, saying, "I wanted you to find some peace." He drops the contract to the ground as it burns away. Lilah looks at him steadily and tells him to look in the drawer. Wesley does so, and finds that Lilah's contract is there again. Lilah explains, "Flames wouldn't be eternal if they actually consumed anything." Now, when I say "explains," I'm using the word loosely. Or completely incorrectly. It sounds deep and all, but is Wesley's lighter an eternal flame? What? Lilah consoles Wesley, "It means something that you tried." Yeah, it means he's an idiot. I don't know why he's worried about her being in hell, considering what she's already been though. At least when she plays chess with Death, they'll actually be playing chess.

Back at the mall -- and there's a phrase that doesn't belong in recaps of Angel -- Connor is duct-taping his "explosives" to himself. Angel slowly moves toward his son. Suddenly, there's an explosion. Connor monotones, "The people are rigged, too. You can't save 'em all, dad." He says Angel doesn't know who'll be first, and turns around with the propane attached to his shirt. "Could be me," Connor says. Then he steps aside and adds, "Could be her." We pan down to see Cordy lying on the floor with her own propane-pack. Props to the posters who rightly wondered whether Connor dragged Cordy into the mall in a duffel-bag and then went nuts, or if he went nuts and then went back to get Cordy before taking hostages. Doesn't make much sense either way, does it? Props to whoever invented schnapps, because now these details don't bother me. As much.

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