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Meanwhile, back on the crappy version of this show, Gunn and Lacey are in an elevator. "Girl From Ipanema" isn't playing, unfortunately. There's a lot of awkward silence in this episode. And again, I have to think there were better things all of that time could have been used for. Like, y'know, the plot. Or the characterization. Ho hum. Eventually Lacey says it's time, and that magic button appears at the top of the elevator's control panel. Gunn isn't pleased, but Lacey insists that this is the way for Gunn to get the answers he seeks. Gunn punches another button on the panel and insists, "Only thing I seek is the lobby!" He complains "Here I am, thinkin' I'm gettin' seduced. Well, I'm gettin' screwed all--"

Voom. Fade to white. "-- right," Gunn concludes, in the White Room. He looks around and insists that he doesn't belong here: "This room is for the big cats." With that, there's a growl. And then a black panther materializes. Okay, sure. The panther strolls toward him. Kitty! Aw. It looks up at Gunn. Fancy-shmancy shot of Gunn reflected in the cat's eyes. Gunn looks less nervous about the situation. The panther roars. Yet another scene that was longer than it needed to be. Especially when... How shall I put this? I think "What the fuck?" sums it up nicely. Johanna suggested that it would have been just as mysterious, and less irritating, if we didn't see the White Room sequence at all. Gunn goes there, and that's all we know. Johanna also asks, "Is Gunn like Manimal now?" That's how I'm taking it, honestly. Which is great, because Gunn? Has also consistently been really keen on developing demonic powers. How many times have we heard him say, "People suck! If only I could be like demons, who are cool!"

Cop-vert. This is where I started shouting, "Why is Connor at a mall? Why is he doing this? I don't buy it!" Yeah, cut scene, whatever. Like I said, there are plenty of less important things that could have been cut. As it is, I'm left with, "Connor ran into one suicidal guy on a rooftop and flipped out." We pan around a sporting-goods store. Terrified people are sitting on the floor, with canisters of propane duct-taped to them. We pan over to man holding a crying little girl. The man whispers to her, "Shut up, you've got to shut up!" Connor screams, "Hey! She doesn't even look like Wesley!" He grabs the guy and adds, "I told you to be nice." The man apologizes, and Connor complains that the man isn't holding the girl the right way. The man moans, "I think you broke my arm." Connor tells him to hold the girl correctly. The man wincingly does so. Whoa, when did this become A Perfect World? Is this some kind of esoteric Keith Szarabajka shout-out? Connor moves away and starts fiddling with a pile of car batteries. So the car batteries will explode the propane tanks via...I dunno. Of all the things that don't make sense in this episode, this is...well, one of them. Connor suddenly says, "You got in." The camera moves up so that we can see Angel standing on a balcony in the back of the store. Angel hops down to the ground floor. My brother asked how Angel got to the mall, but I figure those tunnels go everywhere. Although then we wondered if Wolfram & Hart really was in a mall now, and the sporting-goods store was actually in the same building. That would be a wacky coincidence!

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