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Hey, guess what? This will be my 109th piece for TWoP. It really ought to be my 110th, except I got delayed by the fact that those sadistic bastards at the WB thought it would be really great to show ten new episodes without a break, and wow, that was great for watching but sucked for, y'know, me. Anyway, warm fuzzy props to Wing, Sars, and Glark, and about fifty other people, who I'd list except I'd leave someone out and feel horrible. Y'all rock, though. And applause to everyone behind the past season of Angel , because that was some nice work.

Until now. Sigh.

Previously on Angel, Darla died for the fourth time, Connor went to hell in a Holtz-basket, Holland rode a hellevator, Lilah probably wished she was in hell, Angelus said hello, Wesley cut off the wrong head, Connor was armed and necked, and Lilah came back. Also, Angel sank beneath the waves, drowning not waving, where he stayed and dreamed a while on loving and being loved. That part wasn't in the previews, but I've got a self-indulgent motif-type-thing happening, so leave me alone.

As usual, we start seconds after the last episode ended. Angel stands up and stares at Lilah. She rather jerkily enters the room and asks if Angel thought he was the only one who got to come back from hell. She fans herself and adds, "Speaking of which, could I possibly get some ice water?" Wesley insists that it's not really Lilah, and with that, the show sets a new record for how soon I have to pause the tape and shout, "What?" In the last episode, it was strongly implied that the MoG ran into Lilah outside the hotel. Then, apparently, they came back into the hotel, bathed, changed clothes, and hung out in the office waiting for Angel to arrive. And they didn't talk to Lilah at all during that period? If Wesley had doubts about who she was, he was saving them for when Angel arrived? I suppose it's a small thing, but this episode is full of small things that make me tired. Fine, so Wesley insists, "It's a lie," and Lilah adds, "--Lah. It's a Li-lah." Heh. Angel confirms that it is really Lilah, adding that she's also really dead. Gunn asks if she's a vampire, and Lilah explains that she didn't drink from Angelus, plus Wesley took precautions. Ew. Then she pulls her collar down so we can see the scar around her neck. She tells Wesley, "It's okay, lover. I never felt a thing." Wesley hisses, "I'm sure that's true." Lilah explains that her contract with Wolfram & Hart extends beyond death due to the "standard perpetuity clause." She gets to the point, and says she has an offer for them. Fred can't believe Wolfram & Hart have anything they'd want. Lilah replies, "I don't think you'll want it, but you'll take it. Because this is the offer of a lifetime." Zoom in on Lilah. Beat. "Just not, y'know, mine."

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