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Harmony arrives at Wolfram & Hart and acts as suspect as she possibly can, peering around corners and reassuring herself out loud. As she reaches her desk, she spots Rudy the blood-checking-guy across the lobby, and ducks down low in her chair. Suddenly Angel says, "Blood," and Harmony looks at her clothes and asks, "Where?" Angel clarifies that he wants his mug o' blood. Well, go get it yourself, sheesh. He grumbles, "I've got the demon summit today, and you're late...." He notices Harmony's odd posture and asks what she's doing. Harmony blinks and tells him, "Desk crunches!" She starts doing upright sit-ups as she giggles, "Get fit while you sit! You should see my abs! You wanna?" Heh. Angel glares at her, because he hates her. So much. More than he hates Spicule. Harmony prepares to fetch his blood, and Angel tensely reminds her, "I can't afford to have anything go wrong today." Because if something goes wrong, then the demon clans will keep killing each other. Which would be just awful. Harmony asks, "What could go wrong?" and then actually squeaks with nervousness.

In the kitchen, Harmony once again removes a bowl from the microwave prior to nuking Angel's mug o' blood. While it heats, she mutters: "I remember the talking. 'Hi, I'm Harmony.' 'You look thirsty.' 'Well, why don't I drink a couple quarts of your blood, then...Tom? ...Terry?'" She moans that she drank too much, and sighs, "Damn lemon drops." Johanna says she's done that. That is, she's blamed the lemon drops, not woken up next to a dead guy. At least, not very often. Harmony continues her monologue long enough to decide that it's all Fred's fault, and then is interrupted when Danny says, "You did it again!" He's all huffy about the mysterious unheated bowl of nothing. Harmony makes her usual excuses, and then heads for the fridge. She pulls out her own thermos of blood, which is decorated with glittery unicorn stickers, and gulps from it. Well, actually, she pants into it. It's kind of freaky. After some consultation with Johanna, I decide that she's supposed to be making gulping sounds, but since the thermos is actually empty, we just hear the metallic echo of her breathing into the thermos. The other suits in the kitchen stare at her as she fans herself with one hand and drinks. She notices their looks and pauses long enough to babble that she's stressed because of the summit. She goes back to chugging from the empty thermos until her phone rings, and Angel nags her to hurry up with the blood.

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