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Harmony sits at the bar next to a guy who looks great in profile but a little strange from the front. I dunno; his face is just wider than I expected. Harmony introduces herself and asks the guy where he's from. He gets as far as "The Bay Area originally, but--" before she chirps, "Uh huh, interesting, what do you do for a living?" The guy offers to buy her a drink. Harmony smiles.

We pan across Harmony's dresser to the clock. 7:00. Cue the alarm. Harmony wakes up, and the guy from last night is in bed with her, and he's dead. But we don't know that yet. Well, we do know that, because we've watched television before, but we don't officially know it. Nope, we have to watch Harmony turn the alarm off, and roll over, and find the guy next to her, and attempt to guess his name, and talk to him for a while, and realize he hasn't woken up. Finally, she rolls him over and sees the bite marks on his neck. "Oops," Harmony moans.

Commercials. Johanna and I try to figure out why Angel hates Harmony so much. Or maybe he really hates camels. Johanna asks how they'll get rid of the camel, and then theorizes that Spicule could ride it away. I like that idea.

When we return, Harmony has finished her usual morning routine, and worked in a new bit where she stuffs a naked corpse into a colorful laundry bag. She rushes for the elevator and hits the call button, but then hears a yappy dog approaching. She hurries over to a garbage chute and shoves the body into it as Mrs. Jacobi and her dog approach. Harmony has some trouble getting the body down the chute, so she finally poses casually in front of the chute and greets Mrs. Jacobi who, as usual, ignores her. Mrs. Jacobi gets in the elevator, and Harmony turns around and finishes shoving the body down the chute. I sorta thought Mrs. Jacobi would matter at some point. Like, she'd be a demon or a zombie or something. Or the dog could be a demon. I'd have been a lot more amused if we'd gotten the sense of a whole world that the MoG don't see, and to which Harmony is oblivious. Give me some sense that I'll be rewarded for paying attention, instead of forcing me to realize that I could have tuned in for the last ten minutes without missing a thing.

Cut to the garage, where we see the body hit the edge of the dumpster and bounce out onto the ground.

Harmony peers down the chute and moans, "Oh, crapola!," and then races for the stairs.

Harmony arrives in the garage, puts down her bags, and starts to pick up the body as another bag of trash drops through the chute and lands on her back. Maybe she should move the dumpster first. The elevator dings, and Mrs. Jacobi steps out just as Harmony manages to heft the body into the dumpster. Harmony greets Mrs. Jacobi yet again, who has no reaction, and throws the other bag of trash into the dumpster. See? It's like the setup for a joke, with no punchline.

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