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Cut to Harmony in the kitchen, sipping what I'll assume is blood from a straw plunked into her pink mug. The two girls who were complaining about their bosses in the morning are now gossiping about the MoG. One says that she's noticed Fred "giving Mr. Gunn the eye." The other girl thinks Fred has a thing for Knox. Harmony speaks up to say that Wesley is "totally crushing over Fred." One girl snits, "Mr. Wyndam-Pryce? Everyone knows he's -- Muffins!" Heh. The "Muffins!" is a reaction to Danny setting an enormous basket of muffins on the table. Danny explains that they're from Cary. He amends, "Actually, from Shaq, but he's declared his office a carb-free zone." The girls tell Danny that Cary is grooming him. Harmony declares, "Angel grooms me, too." Could you set up these punchlines a little less obviously, please? One of the girls sniffs: "Explains the haircut." Harmony is clueless enough to go on insisting that Angel depends on her until her cell phone rings. She answers the phone, and everyone in the room can hear Angel shouting, "Get the hell down here! Now!" Harmony tries to play it off casually while her co-workers trade amused glances.

Cut to Angel and other suits in the lobby, staring at something off-camera. Angel asks if Harmony can explain this, and she confusingly whines, "This is totally my fault. I specifically told the caterers [that] the delivery was for tomorrow, but I should have called to confirm." The camera finally spins around to reveal a camel standing in the lobby. I'm impressed they got that up the elevator. Or did they bring it up the stairs? Are camels like cows, so they can walk up stairs but not down them? Or is that a myth about cows? While Harmony snivels some more, Fred steps out of the elevator and shrieks with surprise upon finding herself nose to nose with the camel. Harmony explains that camel is considered a delicacy by the demon clans, so she thought it would be a great start to the summit. She tells Angel, "As host, you get the honor of slicing off its hump and sticking a hot poker through its heart!" Angel laughs the way I do when I'm about to ban someone, and stammers, "Are you...I don't even know how...." Fred suggests that the camel might not be the best idea. Angel snaps that Harmony is supposed to anticipate his needs, "which does not [sic] include a petting zoo in my lobby!" He orders her to get rid of the camel, and stomps off. He really, really hates Harmony. More than he's ever hated anyone, ever. Remember how angry he was when he tried to suffocate Wesley? He's even angrier at Harmony right now. And it's so out of proportion that I don't feel any sympathy for Harmony, because I'm too busy trying to figure out exactly why Angel's so pissy. He's never seemed this annoyed by her before, so it's confusing.

Harmony bursts into tears, and Fred gently suggests that maybe Harmony should get a cheese platter instead. Harmony insists that she did everything right, and Fred tries to explain that Angel's "feeling a" But why? Because of Spicule? But then shouldn't he be snapping at everyone? This is another thing that I thought it would matter, or be explained eventually, which means that it distracted me from the little that was actually happening on the show. But maybe that's a good thing. Harmony sobs that Angel hates her. Fred claims that he doesn't, but he really, really does. For some reason. Harmony adds that everyone hates her, and Fred insists that she doesn't, adding, "It's just...I don't know you that well." Harmony instantly brightens and asks, "What are you doing after work?"

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