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Back at her desk, Harmony sets the mug on the counter while Angel stares at her and taps his fingers. He still has a scrape or two on his face from the big brawl in the last episode. Harmony goes over Angel's schedule and mentions that the cleaners couldn't get the "Frophila slime" out of his clothes. She also refers to a "demon clan confab," and says that the catering is taken care of unless Angel has suggestions. Angel finally responds, "Achite vong mochzinite [click-click]." He then pulls out an earpiece to establish that he's learning some demon language and wasn't listening to anything Harmony said. I can't entirely fault him for that. Except, why stop and stand at Harmony's desk to listen to it? If he didn't care what she was saying, shouldn't he have just grabbed his mug and walked away? As he finally takes his mail, Angel asks if Harmony's taken care of the catering. She starts to fume as Gunn arrives and asks, "Ready to do this thing?" He and Angel immediately head for Angel's office. Harmony hops up and scurries after them, babbling about all the work she did on the catering. Gunn slams the door in her face. She sighs, "You're welcome." Plaintive music toots.

A guy pushing a cart approaches Harmony's desk and says, "You're up today." Harmony whines that she hasn't tasted human blood in months, but finally stretches out a hand while the guy, Rudy, prepares to take a blood sample. She answers a ringing phone while he zaps her finger with a gadget, leading to the expected "Good morning, Wolfram and -- ow!" punchline. After a moment, Harmony tells the caller, "You need [extension] 529 for curses. Foiled again, huh? Hello?" Heh. Rudy looks at his gadget, which reads, "Negative," and exits. As Harmony sits down, she greets a demon named Eli. Eli says, "!" Shouldn't she have a little nameplate thing? Eli says that Angel asked him to come up, and smarms, "I think the honchos are finally starting to recognize my work in Accounting." Shout-out? Gunn pops out of the office and calls Eli over. Harmony notices that Angel's mug is still on her desk, grabs it, and heads for the office.

Harmony walks into the office just in time to see Angel chopping Eli's head off with a sword. The head rolls to a stop at Harmony's feet. Angel asks her to "get that cleaned up."

Aaaaand credits. Finally. That teaser was almost seven minutes long! Phew. While reading the rest of this recap, see if you can tell what my New Year's Resolution is. And see if you can predict how quickly I'll break it.

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