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Harmony's at the bar, complaining to the bartender about how unappreciated she is. Spicule strolls in and sits next to her. Harmony asks what he's doing there when he's supposed to be off enjoying his eternal, romantic, and extremely healthy romance with Buffy. Spicule explains -- and I use that word loosely -- "A man can't go out in a bloody blaze of glory, saving the world, and then show up three months later, tumbling off a cruise ship in the south of France." Maybe he should tumble off a camel instead. That'll impress her! Harmony assures him that girls don't care about grand exits and whatever it is he's talking about. She says, "One look at you and she'll forget herself. She'll get all tingly and it won't matter how horribly you treated her in the past and how you took her for granted, because she'll be so distracted by the realization that you are incredibly old and that she's making out with someone who could be her father, ew." Spicule says it's just that he died for Buffy, and if he shows up now, "[his] grand finale won't hold much weight. All of it. It won't matter." Johanna says, "I like how Spicule said exactly the same thing twice. Because the first time, it didn't make any sense, but then when he said it again using slightly different words, I was totally convinced!" Harmony is too busy with her own self-absorption to be drawn into Spicule's totally justified solipsism, so she sighs that she doesn't matter. Spicule cheers her up by pointing out, "Girl tried to frame you, didn't she? You must have mattered to her. Everybody's talking about it." Harmony ponders this and says, "That girl hated me. She wanted me dead. I matter!" She sips her drink and smiles. Fade out. Huh.

Next time, Fred wears latex gloves, Gunn wears kitty-contacts, and Angel wears a tie. Guess which image is most disturbing?

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