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...Harmony holding Tamika in a headlock and drags her down the hall so that Tamika can confess to Angel. Harmony also repeats all the stuff Tamika did, in case anyone zoned out the first time Tamika explained the extremely uncomplicated story. Tamika breaks away, and they fight some more.

The demons are clickity-clacking at each other in the conference room. We hear Harmony and Tamika shrieking nearby. The demons are saying, "Whore man has failed! We demand a sacrifice!" Harmony and Tamika crash through a window into the room. Tamika falls back against the table, and Harmony stakes her with a chopstick. Poof. Harmony looks around and offers, "I didn't mean to do that yet." The demons look at each other. One says, "Works for me," and the other replies, "I'm good." A devamped Harmony offers to explain. Angel folds his arms and glares at her. He hates her more than Shack hates Tru Calling. ["Wow. He really hates her, then." -- Wing Chun]

Later, Fred, Cary, and Rudy are all holding ice packs on their heads in Angel's office. And Wesley lurks in the back of the office, for some reason. Angel tells Harmony that she should have told him what was going on. Fred grumbles, "I wish I would have [sic] thought of telling her that." Harmony insists, "I totally wouldn't have hit you over the head and put you in the closet if I didn't have a really good reason." She sniffles that Angel didn't want her as his assistant. Harmony adds, "It's not like I have a soul; I have to try a lot harder." To do what? What's simplified by having a soul? When did that matter in this episode? I'm pretty sure that the problem isn't that she's soulless, it's that she's brainless. Gunn enters from the conference room, and Wesley asks how the summit is going. Gunn says it's carnage-free so far. See, even the other characters don't really care about this summit thing. Why should I? Fred says that, while Harmony could have handled things better, she didn't kill anyone. Except Tamika. Wow, their standards are pretty low: "You didn't actually kill anyone. Good job!" Maybe I should work there. Or, actually, maybe I shouldn't. Rudy tells Harmony, "You'll be clean in two days -- but I'll be watching you!" and then exits. Harmony turns to Angel and says, "I know, he won't have to be watching me because...I'll just pack up my desk." She heads for the door, but Angel calls her back. "Just bring us some coffee," he says. Harmony doesn't look overjoyed at that vote of confidence, which is nice. But I'm still not sure why Angel doesn't fire her. He'd be justified in firing her even if he didn't hate her more than I hate fandom.

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