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Meanwhile, the demon clans have gathered in the lobby. The demons are blue and wrinkly and dressed like Renaissance Fair extras. They're also irate. One declares, "If you cannot offer the blood of the killer, one of your own must die." Gunn translates, and Angel says, "They want a blood sacrifice? Harmony!" Harmony peeks around a corner sadly and starts to defend herself, but of course they don't notice. Angel tells Harmony to find out what Fred has learned from Toby's corpse. Harmony cheers up and says she's on it.

Harmony steps into the kitchen and sees Danny holding out her thermos. Harmony loudly accuses him of trying to get rid of the evidence. Danny explains that the thermos was in the way of Cary's protein snack. Harmony dismisses that and tells Danny to admit that he spiked her thermos with human blood. She shoves him up against the fridge and says that she knows he hates her. Danny, confused, says, "I don't care about you enough to hate you." Another suit tries to pull Harmony off Danny, but Harmony vamps out and says, "Mind your own business." Everyone else in the kitchen scampers out. I think the Wolfram & Hart employees should be a little more used to weird things happening. I mean, they should be placing bets on this fight instead of running away. Harmony turns back to Danny and orders him to confess. Danny starts to sob, "Don't kill me!" Then a glass is smashed over his head, knocking him unconscious. Harmony devamps and turns to face Tamika, the girl she spilled coffee on way, way back at the start of the episode. "What'd you do that for?" she asks. Tamika says, "To make it look like you did." It takes Harmony a minute, but eventually she gasps, "Hey! It was you! ...Who are you?"

After the ads, Tamika reminds Harmony that they sat next to each other in the steno pool. Harmony guesses, "Sambuca?" Tamika snaps, "Tamika!" Tamika has apparently read the Supervillainy for Dummies books, because she takes her time in explaining her grudge against Harmony. Basically, she's worked at Wolfram & Hart longer than Harmony has, and is better qualified than Harmony is, so she's jealous of Harmony's job. The end. Tamika suddenly kicks a table at Harmony, but Harmony leaps out of the way and vamps out. Harmony says, "You're forgetting one thing. I kinda have the advantage." Tamika vamps out and responds, "Kinda not." "Oh," says Harmony. And then they fight.

While they trade punches, they also exposition some more. Harmony says she should have smelled Tamika, to which Tamika responds, "You would have if you wore less of that tacky perfume." More wrestling while Tamika explains that she saw Harmony at the bar, put a roofie in her drink, followed Harmony and Toby back to Harmony's apartment, broke in, and killed Toby. Tamika then prepares to stake Harmony with a convenient pair of chopsticks. Harmony kicks her away and grabs her own chopsticks. Remember that scene in Tapeheads when Belinda and Samantha are facing off with knives and nunchucks, and John Cusack wanders in and calls them "ninja bitches," and then they put away their weapons and act like nothing was going on? This isn't very much like that. Which is a shame. They go on fighting, and Tamika says she's going to smash Harmony's unicorns, and I guess that fires Harmony up because we cut to...

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