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Cut to Harmony dumping Cary's unconscious body into the same closet. Heh.

Harmony enters the lab and tells Fred, "I can explain." Fred stammers and tries to edge away, but Harmony insists, "It's not what you think!" For reasons passing my understanding, Fred reassures Harmony, "You slipped, had some human blood. Maybe it was consensual?" Harmony non-explains that she doesn't remember anything, and maybe someone drugged her at the bar. She concludes, "And then I woke up, and he was there!" It takes Fred a while to realize that the "he" in question is Toby. Fred goggles while Harmony points out that Toby was bitten on his right side. She proudly declares, "I'm a right-biter." She demonstrates by lunging at Fred, angling her head to her right, which is Fred's left. This point is reiterated for a while until even Fred, the supergenius, can understand it. Fred says that Harmony makes "a very convincing argument," and I can't tell if she means that seriously or not, but she goes on to mention that Harmony's blood test shows she fed on a human. Harmony says it's a mistake, and then gasps, "Somebody spiked my thermos!" Fred asks why someone would do that, and Harmony theorizes that someone's trying to get her out of the way in order to ruin the summit. Hasn't the story so far demonstrated that the best way to ruin the summit would be to keep Harmony around? Fred picks up the phone and says that she wants to believe Harmony, but that they have to tell Angel about all of this. Harmony puts her hand over the phone and insists that Angel will kill her. Harmony whines, "I'm not a killer! Well, I am. But I've been clean for eight months! Except for today. But that is different because it's not me!" Fred assures Harmony that Angel will listen to her story, and I think Fred actually believes that, which shows how smart she is. Fred moves Harmony's hand off the phone and starts dialing. Harmony looks resigned.

Cut to Harmony dumping Fred's body in the closet. She dragged Fred through the halls just to keep all the bodies in one place? Harmony puts some duct tape over Fred's mouth, earning her a small place in my heart forever. Fred squeaks, and Cary and Rudy join in with their own muffled protests. Harmony apologizes to them all and says, "It's just till I clear my name. I so owe you guys dinner!" With that, she closes the door on them.

Harmony walks down the hall while performing another monologue. "Somebody put blood in my blood -- human blood in my thermos." She decides to check her thermos for fingerprints.

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