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Sure enough, down in the lab, Fred is checking out the body and making notes like "significant postmortem battering suggests a prior relationship with the victim." She also reports that the "consulting coroner" (Fred needs a consultant? I'm shocked at her incompetence) estimates the time of death as "approximately" 1:30 AM. Yeah, "approximately." Fred spots Harmony, and instantly asks if Angel sent Harmony to hurry up the autopsy. Only she uses more words than that. Harmony plays along and tries to find out what Fred has learned. Then Harmony asks, "Don't you think it's possible that whoever did could have blacked out, and doesn't even remember doing it, so it's totally not their [sic] fault?" Fred just says, "I guess," instead of being suspicious, because after all, she's a coroner, not a psychologist. Fred mentions that she enjoyed going out with Harmony, and then measures the bite marks, and says they indicate that the vampire was female. Harmony blurts, "Or gay!" but Fred says it doesn't work that way. Fred asks if Harmony wants to get together again, but Harmony says she's busy. Fred suddenly looks deeply concerned and asks, "Is there something you want to tell me?" Harmony stammers, but of course it's just a fake-out, because Fred is actually what happened with the guy at the bar in an incredibly unnatural way. Harmony chuckles, "Loser! Big. Told me he was an astronaut!" Fred and Harmony share a giggle, and then Harmony exits.

On her way back to her desk, Harmony tells herself that she should just leave the country. Suddenly, she stops and gasps, "Bitten on the right! He was bitten on the right!" She's so excited that she jumps up and down and squeals, and when she runs into Rudy, she kisses him on the nose. Rudy -- who is very hard to distract -- grabs Harmony's hand and takes a blood sample. Harmony goes on cheering, "I didn't do it!" Rudy says, "You sound just like my six-year-old. He's always saying that --" He stops as he sees that the readout on his gadget says, "Positive -- transmitting results." Harmony grabs the gadget and looks at it. Then she looks at Rudy and giggles. And then she punches him, knocking him out.

After the commercials, Harmony tosses Rudy's body into a maintenance closet. She strolls down the hall and then turns the other way when she hears Cary approaching. Cary pursues her and asks if she's seen Danny. She hasn't, but she takes the opportunity to oh-so-casually ask where the results of the random blood tests go. Cary guesses they're transmitted to the lab, and then he's distracted by a faint moan coming from the closet. "Did you just hear that?" he asks. Harmony shakes her head dubiously and says, "Hear what?"

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