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Back at her desk, Harmony talks to the caterer about getting chips and dip. She hangs up and checks her to-do list, which reads: "Remind Security about summit, arrange transportation, return camel, confirm catering." She looks up and gets all dreamy as she stares at the neck of a woman passing by her desk. The phone rings, and she answers it cheerily but then looks worried. She buzzes Angel and tells him, "There's a Detective Griffin for you." After transferring the call, she listens in as the detective reports that they've found someone who was killed by a vampire. Angel looks through the window and tells the detective to hang on a minute, before growling, "Harmony, I got it!" Hates her. More than Bachelor Bob hates Kelly Jo and Nora. Harmony hangs up but keeps watching Angel through the window, and freaks out even more when she spots Wesley and Gunn heading for the office.

Angel joins Wesley and Gunn in the lobby and tells them that a cop just called him about a body they found. Harmony asks where the body was found. Angel reports that they found it at the dump, in a laundry bag. Wesley asks why the cops called Angel, and he says, "Apparently, we own them." Buh? Gunn says, "Makes sense," and Wesley chirps, "Of course," and it's not any more convincing than when Fred says that something makes sense. Did Wolfram & Hart own the cops back when Kate was around? No wonder she got in so much trouble. Angel adds that the cops found Angel's card on the body. He says, "It was the liaison between the feuding clans." Gunn confirms, "Toby Dupree?" Harmony exclaims, "Toby! That was Really?" The MoG appear to be confused by Harmony, but not at all suspicious. I can't quite decide if this is unusually dumb, even for them, or if it's par for the course. While Angel tells the others that this is going to cause problems for the summit, Harmony mutters, "He told me he was an astronaut." Wesley wonders if the demons will take this as a bad omen. Harmony asks if the copy had "any actual real info." They ignore her, and Wesley goes on to wonder if someone killed Toby to interfere with the summit. Harmony enthuses, "That must be it!" The MoG stare at her. But not suspiciously. 'Cause of their being dumb.

In Angel's office, Angel, Wesley, and Gunn are chatting with the demons. Angry growls and clicks come from the speakerphone, and Gunn explains that the demons are upset. Thanks. Do you think he's just bluffing about knowing demon languages? Angel instructs Gunn to say that the summit is still on. While that's going on, we see that Harmony is lurking in the office as well. Through the miracle of captions, the demons insist, "Killer must be found! Killer must be punished!" Gunn assures the demons that they'll take care of it. Angel chimes in with some tongue-clicks of his own, which are translated as "Be disemboweled!" The demons are incensed, and call Angel a "filthy man whore." Hee. Gunn quickly calms them down by saying, "He meant 'be patient.' The whore man is a novice in your tongue and makes foolish errors. We make fun of him, yes?" Heh. Gunn hangs up the phone, and Wesley asks what happened. Angel admits that he made a mistake, and Harmony cheerfully says, "Forgive and forget, I say!" Gunn says that the demons won't be doing either, and Angel agrees that they have to solve Toby's murder. He adds that Fred should have some information for them once the body gets to the lab. Harmony asks, "Our lab?" and exits. I ask, "Fred's a medical examiner now?" I'm not sure why I'm surprised by that. Maybe I'm just surprised that Gunn isn't one. Yet.

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