Happy Anniversary

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Happy Anniversary

Previously on Angel, Drusilla blew into town, Darla sank her fangs into Holland, Angel didn't give a damn, the MoG had no one to minister to, Angel smoked, and Dru and Darla got broiled like McRibs. Except with real fire, so I guess it was more like Whoppers. Half a season in a minute. Almost none of that was relevant to this episode. And the parts that were relevant were pretty well explained in the course of the episode. What I'm trying to get at here is that the little "story so far" intros aren't going to help new viewers, and they're just annoying regular viewers. Or at least, they're annoying me.

A cityscape, at normal speed for a change. Angel broods. Cordy and Wesley are trying to clean up their new office. Cordy's clothes aren't all that bad. It seems they've decided to keep the "Angel Investigations" name, despite the absence of Angel himself. Cordy nobly sacrifices herself on the altar of non-physical non-comedy by bumping her head on a planter. Wesley thanks her for taking one for the team. Gunn returns from distributing flyers throughout the neighborhood. Then they discover that the phone isn't working. Wesley crawls under their only desk to fuss with the wiring. Gunn and Cordy stare down at the ass protruding out from under the desk. Anyone else get the feeling that there was a joke here that they decided not to include? Wesley claims he's figured out the problem, and of course, the electricity goes out. Gunn says, "I am so glad I met you guys. It's entertaining, really." Gunn is so very wrong about that.

Time passes. Thank goodness that they always feel compelled to show us the sun rising or setting in a blipverty montage, because otherwise I wouldn't know what to think when it's night in one scene and day in the next. Angel crawls into bed, all tuckered out from a long night of brooding. But what's this? Someone's singing "The Star-Spangled Banner." Angel, ever vigilant in the pursuit of evil, goes to investigate. He gets downstairs and finds Cary engaged in patriotic ululations in the lobby. Cary says, "You gotta be all the time singin' in here, am I right? C'mon, with these acoustics?" Angel glowers, and demands to know why Cary is there. Cary says, "What's today, Thursday? Tomorrow night, the world's going to end. Thought you might want to know." Angel looks like a confused puppy as the credits swirl about him. I will now unveil my lyrics to the Angel theme. Sing along. The first line starts when he crashes through the door in the credits:

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