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Angel Goes to the Drive-In

The MoG are choosing weapons and grabbing flashlights. Cordy approaches Angel and says that everything will be fine: "Connor's a champion, like you. He's special." Angel glares at her and repeats, "Like me. Special." Thanks for not repeating the "C"-word, Angel. I appreciate it. Then he declares that someone should stay home and mind the hotel, and Cary eagerly volunteers. Gunn asks how this is going to be different from their last encounter with Satan. Angel makes actual sense by pointing out that they aren't trying to kill Satan; they just want to rescue Connor. Gunn isn't convinced that Satan will allow that, so Angel has to speechify: "I don't know the answers. Don't even know most of the questions." Points for honesty, but that's not very reassuring. He goes on to raise the "big bad" count, saying, "As far as 'us versus the big bad' is concerned, there's only one smart way to play it. We see it, we run like hell." Cordy chirps, "Works for me," and grabs a knife. Angel immediately pulls the weapon from her hand and says that she's staying with Cary. She protests. Angel insists that she can't come, finally saying, "It's dangerous. Way too dangerous. I can't risk it." He pauses for a beat and calls, "Fred? Get a move on." Ha! Fred ponders the dis for a minute before following Angel out. Cary cheerfully waves goodbye while Cordy stands numbly, trying to figure out why Angel's acting strange. She wonders, "Is it my hair?"

Blipvert back to the sewer. Wesley stops and says, "This is it. I believe there's a door about thirty meters up." Gunn wants some reassurance, and points out, "Every time you show up believin' something, seems somebody gets their head drilled, [or] falls into a portal." He's not wrong. Wesley starts to reply, and just as I'm wondering if they can just ride their escalating bickering into the building, Angel has to be the dad and tell them to knock it off: "I don't give a rat's ass about whatever's going on between you. Put it away. We're here for Connor." While I'd compliment Angel for being the mature one here, it's hard to forget that Angel's spent plenty of time being snippy himself, so it's not so much maturity as concentrated egomania: "Only my grudges matter." Which is in character, so that's fine. Plus, I'm not sure why he's acting as if it's only Gunn who has any issues with Wesley. And I'm not sure it's a smart move to remind everyone that they're there to rescue Connor, who hasn't particularly endeared himself to anyone. After a moment, Gunn looks up at the trapdoor and asks how they'll get through it and into the building. Angel bends down, grabs a bag of stuff, and suddenly launches himself up into the chute. We hear clambering noises as Gunn mutters, "Show-off." A rope drops down out of the chute.

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