Habeas Corpses

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Angel Goes to the Drive-In

...Gunn tapping his pencil on a book. Ooo, artsy. Fred tells Gunn that the scene transition is over, so he can stop now. They're all having a fun research party in the lobby. Gunn stops tapping, Fred apologizes for snapping, Cordy observes that they're all tired, and that lets Angel sniff, "Wonder why?" as he strolls past. Cordy looks confused. Gunn says, "We're assuming that it's a big connect-the-dot that Connor and this devily guy have this alley in common, but isn't this alley right behind Caritas?" Cary agrees, noting, "That whole block is a big fat interdimensional happening hot spot." Cordy says that Satan "didn't emerge from a portal so much as a pothole." That's three fantastically strange lines in a row. Wesley enters and lets the door slam. I guess he'd been waiting for a dramatic cue for a while and finally got bored with it, so now he's sulking. Gunn eyes Wesley and sighs, "Oh good, more bad news." Ha! Fred quietly reminds Gunn that Wesley was his friend. "Heavy on the 'was,'" Gunn replies. If this is supposed to make me think that Gunn's being unfair, it's not working. But if it's supposed to make me think that I love Gunn, everything's just fine. Wesley announces that Satan is at Wolfram & Hart's offices, "and so is --" Gunn interrupts, "That answers a lot of questions. They're probably having a big sit-down, breaking bread." Wesley corrects him, noting that Satan's actually breaking skulls. Angel looks thoughtful, like, "Maybe this Satan guy isn't so bad." Gunn says, "I've heard worse news." Wesley adds that Connor is in the building, too. Angel "what"s and Cordy "oh my God"s and asks "Why would he be in there? I don't understand." Angel can't let that pass without saying, "Lots of things I don't understand." I think Angel's pissy remarks would work better if they were asides that nobody else heard. Because when he's saying this stuff directly to Cordy, it makes everyone in the room seem dumb for not at least asking him what's up, if not figuring it out themselves. Angel figures they've got to run to the resuce, but Wesley says, "Building's locked tight. There's no way out." Except the one he used. Angel snaps, "I bet there's a way in!" Does he think the building is a giant roach motel? Normally, anything that serves as an entrance can also serve as an exit.

Close-up on Gavin's body. Connor walks into the background, approaches, and passes Gavin. Gavin opens his eyes. Boo! I'd like to think that the timing there wasn't a coincidence.

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