Habeas Corpses

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Angel Goes to the Drive-In

Lilah brushes items off the shelves. Wesley asks if this is the right place, and she enigmatically says, "Yeah, third floor and lobby." That'll be important later, but it's a really strange answer to Wesley's question. She finds a switch behind the stacks of toilet paper, and pulls it. A panel in the wall opens, and they hurry through. It's not a very well-hidden switch. It's a big silver lever in the wall. Every single janitor has to know about that. They scramble into the hidden passage just as Satan pulls the door off its hinges. He looks into the empty closet and, disgruntled, walks on.

Cut to a sewer tunnel. We hear Wesley and Lilah gasping off-camera, and are they at it again? This isn't really the time or place. There's a weird shot that might be the ceiling, or then again might not, and they suddenly fall out of the secret passage and land in the bottom of the tunnel. Ick. After taking a moment to recover, Wesley tells Lilah, "Now you disappear. You get patched up and leave town." He says that Satan "won't quit until everyone at Wolfram & Hart is dead. Go underground, change your name." What, now Satan's the Terminator? What's Wesley basing this on? Sure, Satan seems keen on killing everyone in the building, but I'm not sure that means he's going to go all One-Armed Man on Lilah. Although now that I think about it, that'd be a brilliant spinoff. Sort of Brimstone-meets-The Pretender. Wesley starts marching off gallantly, leaving Lilah to fend for herself. She calls after him in that way that people do when they want to declare their love but can't because the person they're talking to is actually an annoying prig who they don't love because they've got more sense than that. Wesley stops and looks at Lilah, who looks absolutely stunning. Not that she's ugly normally, but something the lighting and the fact that her lips are pale and her eyes look huge and wow. She looks at Wesley, then shakes her head, because she can do better, and finally just tells him that Connor's in the Wolfram & Hart building. She says, "I don't know if he's alive. He's in a third-floor conference room. There's no way back in; I just thought you should know." They look at each other for a second, and then Wesley departs. Lilah starts off in the opposite direction. Does she know her way around the sewers? It'd be funny if, five episodes from now, Angel finds a crazed, half-starved Lilah eating sewer rats down there lisping her special birthday present. The camera pans down to water dripping against the floor, the sound of which fades out and turns into...

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