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Angel Goes to the Drive-In

By Wesley. He shuts the door, because that's gonna keep Satan out, as Lilah gasps, "I don't understand. Why are you here?" Wesley explains that he's got "a man on the inside." A what? So for three years he's tripping over his own shoelaces and begging Angel for work, and then over one summer he gets his own sidekicks, builds a network of spies, and develops his own list of clients who can pay him well enough that he can purchase expensive, yet bewildering weaponry. I can only assume that we were right long ago when we speculated that Wesley could only be competent when nobody was looking at him. More crashing noises are audible, and Wesley asks, "What's that?" Lilah explains, "The building automatically shuts down under a full-scale attack." Man, Angel's gonna be so pissed that he doesn't qualify for this treatment. Or maybe it was implemented recently, in preparation for Angel's next visit. Wesley eyes Lilah's wound as he asks what "shuts down" means. Shutters clang down across the window, answering his question. Because she knows Wesley's not that bright, Lilah explains, "Windows, doors, air vents -- nobody gets in or out." The door crashes in, and Satan enters. Wesley quickly picks Lilah up and heads for the door as Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes burst into "Up Where We Belong."

Wesley carries Lilah down the hall, insisting that there must be a way to leave the building. Satan follows behind them, but is distracted when a collapsed lawyer suddenly stands up and kamikazes directly into him. Lilah gasps, "Around the corner -- supply closet." Lilah, this is no time for that. Wesley swings around the corner and sets Lilah down, then pulls out a grenade. Lilah mutters, "You've got to be kidding me." Wesley pulls the pin and tosses the grenade at Satan's feet. Satan looks down. The audience says "What does that do?" for him.

There's an explosion, and Wesley quickly grabs Lilah again and hurries on, explaining that the grenade won't kill Satan, but "it'll distract him for a moment." They stop upon finding Gavin's body. Lilah delivers the eulogy: "Poor bastard." Well said. They step into the closet, and I said it in the forums, but I'll say it again: it's so damn nice to learn that there was a reason Gavin was throwing things off the shelves in this closet. My notes here read, "Hey! That makes fucking sense!" Not to imply that I'm startled when characters' behavior makes sense. Except, y'know, sometimes. They enter the closet and shut the door as Satan stomps into view.

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