Habeas Corpses

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Angel Goes to the Drive-In

The crowds, and the blonde lawyer, have finally found the stairwell, and peristalsis takes them down. People run through a door and are suddenly knocked down when a body crashes into them. Guess who? Satan walks into the frame, shoves two men back through the door, and then there are more crashing sounds, which either means that Satan's killing people or he's trying to climb stairs and keeps falling because of his clunky feet.

This is hard to recap. "Then, there's more mayhem!" Satan walks down a hall, and stops next to a door. He raises his arm and pushes the door open. Inside a supply closet, we see Gavin, frantically shoving cleaning supplies off the shelves. He stops, looks up at Satan, swallows, and says, "Hi." Satan grabs him by the neck, hauls him up, and presumably squeezes until Gavin's neck snaps. And then, of course, hurls the body into a wall. He needs some new schtick. Poor Gavin. He should have known better than to suddenly be likable. That's the surest way to get killed.

Connor holds his knife at the ready as he steps over mangled corpses. His attention is drawn by a lot of blood on the wall. Presumably he sees what caused it, but we don't, because this is television, dammit. Then he hears gunshots.

Lilah is backing into a conference room and firing at Satan, who's standing right in front of her. He doesn't seem to mind. Satan shoves her down supine on her desk as she gasps, "I can help you. Anything you need." Satan shoves a digit through her very nice white ribbed top and into her body as she wails in pain. A man who was collapsed on the floor chooses this minute to stand up. They've got no survival instincts at all at this company. Satan looks at the guy, removes his hand from Lilah's insides, and knocks her off the desk. But not into a wall, at least. Satan advances on the man as Connor rushes in. He leaps up onto the desk and, with one mighty blow, stabs Satan in the back. The blade promptly splinters. Oops. Satan turns and intones, "Connorrrrrrrr." Connor punches Satan, which does exactly as much damage as you'd expect. Satan grabs Connor and throws him a birthday party with pony rides and ice cream cake. Oh, fine. That should say, "throws him into a wall." I'm tired of typing those words. Although, for a change, the wall crumbles on impact, so that bits of the ceiling fall down and bury Connor.

Lilah, in the meantime, has escaped into the hallway. She covers the wound in her side and stumbles along. Satan appears behind her in the distance, in a very nice shot. I mean, it's all very clichéd, with the girl running away from the monster who just paces along calmly, but it's a cliché because it works. Lilah tries to hurry, and is suddenly grabbed and pulled into an office.

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