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Angel Goes to the Drive-In

After the ads, Lilah tries calling downstairs, but the phones are out. She tells Gavin to grab one of the unconscious guards' walkie-talkies. Gavin does so, and calls down to the front desk. Eventually, a guard responds, and we hear ominous noises in the background as he shrieks, "We're kinda -- oh no! Oh my God!" Lilah grumps, "Tell him to stop whining and make a report." Heh. We hear a few more screams over the walkie-talkie before Gavin gives up. Connor sniffs, "Told you," and pulls out a large knife. This is a really entertaining group of people to have trapped together. Lilah orders Gavin to go downstairs and see what's going on. He starts to refuse, until Lilah asks, "What are you more afraid of, a giant murderous demon or me?" Gavin grits his teeth and says, "Be right back." Ha! Lilah asks Connor what Satan wants. "Everybody dead," he replies before leaving the room. Lilah opens a desk drawer and pulls out a pistol. She inserts a magazine and chambers a round before following Connor out. Excellent.

A lawyer goes flying into the wall. Aw, poor Satan still hasn't found any way to kill people besides hurling them into stuff. At my office, that wouldn't really be effective because almost all of the walls are drywall -- they're constantly knocking down walls and walling up doorways. I'm not sure why, unless it's to keep everyone off balance. But I digress. We hear screams and thumps as the camera pans over various bodies on the floor. For a minute, I started getting annoyed at how dark it was because it's hard to make things out, and then I remembered that it was a plot point that there's no power, and it adds to the spooky mood, and so it's a good thing. Although I am amused at how all of the blood seems to drip onto convenient piles of paper so that it's visible in the low light. We finally pan over to Satan's big silly feet, then up a little so we can see that he's holding a severed head. How'd he get that? Can throwing someone into a wall knock his head off that neatly? It is a very nice severed head, though. And I wonder if it's been made to look like someone on the staff or the crew or something. Because that would be a really fun way to make a cameo. We pan up some more to Satan, who's just sort of standing there, all satanic and stuff. He turns and marches away.

Cut to a very dimwitted lawyer, who happens to be blonde. She's pressing the elevator button repeatedly. Because the lack of power isn't a clue or anything. I wonder if they're going to redo the Initiative joke from "Hush" about using the stairs in case of emergency. Crowds of lawyers rush through the halls, talking on cell phones and generally panicking. It is inexplicably dusty. Which again adds to the mood, but unless Satan really has been knocking down drywall nearby, I'm not sure what rationale there is for the dust in the air. Lilah and Connor walk through the crowd. Lilah asks what Satan is, and Connor says, "I don't know, but I think it's been following me around." Stalked By Satan would be the ultimate Lifetime movie, wouldn't it? I guess Lilah isn't thinking quickly enough to suggest that, in that case, she'd like Connor to leave as soon as possible. Instead, she asks if Connor is going to kill it. He says he'll try. She nervously asks, "And we're heading towards [sic] it right now?" She stops abruptly. Connor keeps walking, and in the distance behind him she waves and calls, "Best of luck!" Heh.

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